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Ealing 'Rocky Strikes Back': Report

From: (Colette Reap)
Subject: *F* Ealing 'Rocky Strikes Back'
Date: Sun, 20 Oct 1996 01:16:10 GMT
Message-ID: <>

Here are some impressions of the Ealing 'Rocky Strikes Back' meet 
Present were:

Rocky Frisco
Paul A Rood
Karen 'Vodka Vixen' Kruzycka
Rob Collier
Darrell Ottery
Mark "I'm ready for you now" Lowes
Colette Reap
Alan Bellingham
Some bloke called Terry
Ben of Bens
(The One True) Kat
Simon Callan
Noel Foster
Monica Foster
Helen Highwater
Tim Hunt
David 'The Hair' Damerell
Owen Dunn
Emmet 'The Tart' O'Brien
Mr. Fox

Quite a number of us, as you can see. The meet started just after 7.
The meet had not been going long when various chocolate confections
were produced and devoured and proclaimed by Pterry to be 'robust',
especially the wonderful home-made ones brought by Darrell. The
conversations round the table included discussions about film music,
the advice not to watch Twister on an aeroplane flying through
turbulance, Emmet and his pheromones, incidents that had happened on
Pterry's recent signing tour of the US, Slimelight and its denizens
and customs, SF beginnings, weddings, Quake was mentioned (but Doom
wasn't) Bryan provided both the words and actions with which to
confront pro-lifers (if your aim is to offend), 

Emmet was caught on camera snogging The Damerell. Colette spent the
last hour of the meet sitting on Bryan's lap. Rocky handed out Raccoon
goodies to all and sundry (artwork, cassettes and copies of his
novella). A huge plate of delicious chips was ordered and consumed by
the assembled masses. There was lots of hugging going on as we left
the pub.

After we were thrown^H^H^H left the pub, a large number of the
attendees followed The Bellinghman and I back to our residence,
despite our best efforts to lose them. Various alcoholic substances,
such as Polish Spirit and ApfelKorn were sampled by the assembled mob.

Now you're going to ask me what we talked about, aren't you - well,
I'm afraid that at this time of the morning I'm having trouble
remembering  but people seemed to be enjoying themselves. I am sure
that others present will be able to fill in the gaps.

Rocky decided he had overdosed on the insanity that is a gathering of
afpers and disappeared off to bed at about 1 am. The next to leave
were Darrell, Rob and Mark just before 2.

Finally disappearing were the (TOT) Kat, Emmet and Bryan, dragging
with them the Ben of Bens on their way towards South Kensington in a
minicab. At last, the meet was over, we could all sleep. Well, the
meet was *sort*of*over* even if under normal rules, the continuing
presence of Paul and Karen, Simon Callan left the place quorate.

"Night night, time for bed", said Zebedee.

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