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Colchester 0.99a: Report

From: Paul A Rood <>
Subject: *F* Colchester 0.99a meet report.
Date: Sun, 27 Oct 1996 11:26:36 GMT
Message-ID: <>

And so it came to pass in the 10th month of the 
1996th year that there was a meet, in colchester.

Attendees included:

Robert Collier
BSL Simes
Karen (the V.Vixen)
Kate (Karens friend[1])
Paul 'Captain Custard' Rood
Emmet 'The tart' O'Brien

The meet commenced with "Two hours in the life of 
colchester station" by BSL 'Who needs a contact 
number' Simes.

YHN then arrived with Pauls Number :)

Emmet was already on the premises. Toast and Tea 
were consumed.

After adjorning to the pub Paul fed 2 pounds into 
a fruit machine (trying to win back previous 
losses), Emmet became somewhat the worse for 
drink and many rants about different SF authors 
and there books where indulged in.

Other topics of conversation included computer 
games, peoples jobs and who's turn it was to buy 
a round.

After being chucked out of the pub we returned to 
the Rood residence and got stuck into some 
serious vodka drinking (except for Paul, who went 
to bed). Topics of conversation are now too hazy 
to be remembered with any clarity. Doubtless 
someone will follow up with more details.

The now traditional Random Quotes[2]:

	"God I have no brain!" - Paul Rood.

	"Oh Emmet, Thats *Wonderfull*" - The Vodka Vixen

	"It squeeks because I haven't oiled it" - V.V.

	"Rob, you tart" - Emmet.

Robert Collier

[1] Don't sound so surprised... She does have 
some friends you know..
[2] As provided by protein based memory systems -     
no psions were in evidence ( a first for afp? )

From: Simon Brown <>
Subject: *F* Essex 0.99a meet report
Date: Sun, 27 Oct 1996 19:48:42
Message-ID: <>

Just in case Rob's report doesn't make it through the inky black void of
mail2news this decade, here's my version of events.

    BSL Simes (yhn)
    BLS[1] Rob Collier
    BSL[2] Emmet O'Brien
    BSL[3] Karen "Vodka Vixen" Kruzycka
    Kate "Karen's Friend" WhosLastNameIDon'tKnow
    Paul "Captain Custard" Rood

I arrived at Colchester North station at around 15:50, soon to realise
that not only were there no afpers in sight but I had no phone numbers
with which to chivvy anyone along. Nothing much happened for the following
two hours, but I think the "dozy get of the week award" is quite safely

On returning from my third lap of the car park, I spied Rob Collier
waiting outside the station, and shortly thereafter Paul arrived to ferry
us back to his house, where Emmet was already ensconced. Tea and Toasted
Bread Products were consumed.

We then proceeded to the pub, and talked of many things, including work,
PCs, computer games, Web pages, and books. Lots of books. We also drank
quite a bit, but this should come as no great shock.

We left the pub and returned to the house, at which time Paul took to his
bed and Karen, Rob and yhn took once more to the vodka bottle. Karen made
mention of challenging afp to a drinking contest, IIRC. At around 2-ish
(after the clocks went back) we retired, and everyone got some sleep -
everyone else more than me, I suspect. Cheers Rob[1].

We woke, we breakfasted, Emmet was taken to catch his bus, Kate was taken
to catch her train, we played Worms, I won, Rob and I were taken to the

My thanks to Paul and Karen for both putting us up and putting up with us,
including supplying toasted bread products in no small measure both last
night and this morning. I'll return the favour sometime[4].

The inevitable out-of-context quotes:

    "God, I have no brain." - Paul R

    "Oh, Emmet. That's *wonderful*." - Karen K

    "It squeaks because I haven't oiled it." - Karen K

    "Rob - you tart." Emmet O'B

    "It even works on cats." - Emmet O'B

    "Karen, you're all shiny." - Emmet O'B

Simon Brown BF <> / Freelance cynic and beard-wearer
[INFP]    / Mankind's last best hope for pizza.

                It's a Mac! It's an Amiga! It's an X terminal!

[1] Bloody Loud Snore
[2] Big Soft Lump (well, he *is*)
[3] Beautiful Slinky Lady (I suspect I may get into trouble for this...)
[4] Sometime after I get my own place, obviously.

 From: Martyn Clapham <>
Subject: *F* Colchester 0.99a meet missing person report.
Date: Mon, 28 Oct 1996 23:46:44 +0000
Message-ID: <2fH+MAAkXUdyEw$>
References: <>

In article <>, Paul A Rood
<> writes about fun in Colchester.

[ snipped ]

This is being posted and not mailed as being in a town for two and a
half days and _not_ getting to the meet there takes some doing, and
requires a very public eating of humble pie.

My story starts on Friday, I checked the group at about 7.30 am, no mail
and no posts about a meet.

Went to the railway exhibition, we won best layout BTW, and got dragged
along to the club do on Sat night, the behaviour of our Chairman made me
wish I had known about the meet so I could have escaped and joined you

Sun night got home about 11pm and checked group, 300+ messages including
meet announcement! :-((

Mon evening got another 100+ messages and meet reports.

I am really going to try to get to London on the 16th, so I should see
some of you there.

Again, many apologies to the people I missed, I didn't do it on purpose!

Inhabitant of REAL witch country    I Mobile 0860 914817
( Pendle, Lancashire, England )     I
                                    I AFPurity 71%

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