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From: Colette Reap <>
Subject: [ANNOUNCE] *F* 14/12/96 Oxford Pre-Play Meet
Message-ID: <>
Date: Mon, 9 Dec 1996 20:04:56 GMT


Having asked around it seems that the most sensible place to meet in
Oxford on the afternoon of Saturday 14th December is The Victoria Arms
in Marston.

I expect that those of us who will have been at the preceeding wedding
will get to the pub at around 3pm.

I asked that nice Mr. Briggs for instructions on how to get to the pub
and this is what he said:

"You proceed out of Oxford on the Banbury Road, driving out of the top
of your Direction Map to the school. You pass, on your right, Linton
Road, Belbroughton Road and Cunliffe Close. At a traffic-lighted
crossroads, you turn right onto the Marston Ferry Road.

At the end of the MF Road, there is a 30mph road sign, followed by a
speed camera. Take the next turning on the left and follow the road
through the village. After you've gone past the post office (on the R)

and two adjacent pubs (the 3 Horseshoes and the White Hart (I
think!)), the road trails around to the right (towards the church -
not visible from there at night!!). Take the left turn there. The
narrow road turns left then right and then after about another 10
yards or so there is the entrance to the Victoria Arms' lengthy

Total journey time from the school...about five minutes."

The Banbury Road to which he refers is the A4165, which if you keep
going north, meets the A40. So for those coming from outside Oxford,
follow the A40 until you get to the roundabout that marks its
intersection with the A4165. Turn south (towards the town centre) onto
the A4165, then left at the lights at the junction of the A4165 and
Marston Ferry Road. From then on the instructions are as above.

For those of you without cars, I am awaiting information on bus routes
from the centre of Oxford from LNR. It *looks* from the map as if it
wouldn't be too expensive by taxi either. For those of you without
cars who are going to the play, I expect there will be enough 
spare seats in cars to give people lifts from the pub.

If anyone has any further questions, please email me at

(erk - 4 days and 16 hours to go - not that I'm counting, you
understand... :-)     )
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