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Wokingham 2.0 & Colchester: Announce

From: Darrell Ottery <>
Subject: *F* Meet reminders 14th & 15th Feb
Date: Wed, 12 Feb 1997 20:08:07 +0000
Message-ID: <>

Just a quick memory jogging here. As some of you lot know Joann will be
in the UK from this coming Friday for a few days. And since I got
whinged at to organise a meet or two... :)

Wokingham 2.0 on the evening of Friday the 14th.

Colchester during the day & evening of Saturday 15th, whilst we assist
in moving Paul and Karen. Paul to a different continent, I think...

More details, as usual, from the forthcoming meets page:

Or if it comes to it, mail me, but I'm likely to be fairly busy over the
next day or so...

If anyone turns up then I'll see you there. I can promise some form of
Evil Chocolate Things for Wokingham, if that sways anyone's opinion. As
to the other meet(s) we'll have to see. Depends on free time and how
greedy people are.

There's also a very slim chance of some form of a meet in Cambridge on
the Sunday afternoon, when myself, Joann, and BSL Simes will be
returning from Colchester. Dunno the time or place yet, but FTony was
muttering about not being able to make it on Friday. Some petty excuse
about other commitments...

I doubt if it'll be anything major, since I still have to get back here
afterwards and we'll have had a hard weekend hiding Paul's stuff. Some
point in the afternoon for an hour or so, but there's no reason why the
rest of you can't carry on for longer before or after we've come

If there's any interest, can someone please let myself and FTony know?

Darrell [INTJ] - -
"Bollocks!" said Pooh, 'cos he'd had a *really* bad day.

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