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From: (Brian Nisbet)
Subject: Irishman in London, A decision has been made...
Date: 7 Mar 1997 10:55:20 GMT
Message-ID: <5fos6o$>

alanhead@WPI.EDU (Alan Head) writes:

>Brian Nisbet ( wrote:

>: I'm not sure what the arrangements are for that but if some person who 
>: actually knows London could suggest an eatery/drinkery I will soon get 
>: back to you with some sort of exactness...

>	Someone, please pick a place and time... I'm headed for London
>tomorrow, and I won't have access. I really don't want to miss this, so
>we need to get organized! 

OK, decision time.  The Podling's b-day meet is 2:30 Hamley's on Regent 
St. on Saturday 15th, so why don't we all meet then?  AFAIK no definite 
plans have been made so we can meet, and decide and maybe do something 
strange like go for a meal or to a pub...

Does everyone like these ideas?

Brian Nisbet -- 2nd Year History, Trinity College, Dublin.
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