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From: "Lethargic Man (anag.)" <>
Subject: *F* Edinburgh afpmeet report
Message-ID: <Pine.SUN.3.95.970324103534.16380E-100000@charon>
Date: Mon, 24 Mar 1997 10:41:01 GMT

There's probably another report winging it's way through the news
propagation from someone with a psion, but here's a report anyway - after
all it was marmite... er, my meet.

On Saturday 22nd March in the year of somebody else's Lord 1997, an afpmeet
took place within the confines of the fair town of Edinburgh. Persons present
        Mchl Grnt (a lethargic man),
        Random Companion (an afper from the deep south),
        Jason (a slave of the above),
        Duncan MacGregor (a psychopathic tickler),
        Andrew Mobbs (an avatar of Nyarlathotep),
        Leighton Pritchard (a Lancastrian) and Jennifer (a girlfriend),
        Allan Third (a Glaswegian),     
        Deena Mobbs (a lurker of many years' standing),
        Craig Garvie, Neil Caldwell and Adrian Hurt (all lurkers), and
        Spike (a hedgehog).

The afpmeet was convened at the abode of your humble^Ulethargic narrator,
and commenced with a test of the illuminatory status of the attendants
(whether they were able to see the fnord on the door). Entertainment whilst
we waited for everyone to turn up was provided by Random's bubble guns,
courtesy of the Podling's birthday bash last week.

Various beverages were drunk (though not quaffed; the only person to make
an attempt at trashing my flat was mine own self...). We
were treated to the interesting sight of Neil apparently getting sloshed on
Irn Bru; in the tradition of afpmeets chocolate-covered coffee beans were
consumed (in two flavours, amaretto and cinammon). Since the afpmeet
coincided with the Jewish festival of Purim, the assembled were introduced
to the festival's traditional Bread Product, Homontashen. It's like... er,
perhaps it's best not to try and describe it, but it involves figs, raisins
and bready stuff. ;^)

Since various Moving Pictures had been brought along, we attempted to
provide suitable refreshments by making our own banged grains. Foolishly
the banging of said grains was left to your hum^H^H^Hlethargic narrator and
Random, neither of whom is safe to be left in the kitchen, and after the
cooking pot attempted to swallow up your h^Hlethargic narrator whole, 
we then proceeded to burn the grains and melt our way through the 
tablecloth). Membership of the Guild of Alchemists is currently pending...

Undeterred, we sat down with our barbecue-flavoured banged grains and
proceeded to watch our way through, in succession, "Truckers" and "The
Wizard of Speed And Time".

Random's psion was pitted against Deena's in a Contest of Silly Noises; 
Deena's one emerged the better equipped, thanks to Pterry's famous
"bingely bingely beep". Due to lack of time Random's game of Twister was
abandoned, but that didn't stop her indulgence in debauchery^Utickling
with Duncan and a certain other nameless member of the company. Suffice it
to say I've never before met someone as dexterous with their feet as their
hands. *shudder*

Eventually in the vicinity of 4:00, the meet wound down with a sing-along
of the Flumps theme tune, and your humble narrator tootled off with a
bottle of Granny Weatherwax's Ramtop Invigoratore and Passion Philtre
('onne spoonful onlie before bed and that smalle') to indulge in some
serious, er, lethargy. A good time had been had by all (well at least by
me...) and it was agreed that a follow-up afpmeet be arranged in Glasgow
at some future time. 
                              the afpscribe,
                                  Mchl Grnt

Don't look behind you; the lemmings are catching up.=8-0| Risus Sardonicus :-]
I wash my hands after using an Apple Mac.               |  (Michael S. Grant) 
Gargling daily is a good way to see if your neck leaks. |
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