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Lancaster & Morecambe Minimeet: Report

From: ("ppint.")
Subject: *F* apologies was minimeet thurs. 3/4/97 (4/3/97 for merkins) lancaster & morecambe
Date: Sat, 05 Apr 97 15:39:33 GMT
Message-ID: <>

	- hi. in afparticle, <>, "Martyn Clapham" bewailed, and beseeched:
>             In article <>,
>              "ppint." <> writes
>>	- hi. this is a very short-notice afpnouncement of an afpminimeet
>>	the night before michelena escapes back to canadadadadada...
>[ snippage ]
>>	(- love, ppint.)
>Knashing-frashing... ( and other Muttley noises )

	- that's dastardly of you, sir !  (- sorry)
>I found the above message at 23.30 BST on Thursday. :-(((

	- apologies; it was available from within minutes
	of my posting it, but i felt it unfair to post the mere rumour of
	the possibility, until two or three local afpers had confirmed that
	they could and would turn up, to make it a definite afpmeet, rather
	than possibly just the three of us [1] catching the sunset from
	heysham head, and then having a drink at the midland, before re-
	turning home - and, as it was, bil'n'kate'n'emily rose had to go
	home to carlisle, as bil had an unexpected unavoidable obligation
	crop up [2]...

	- so, as it transpired, there was in attendance at the minimeet,
	only dave le good, in addition to michelena, and paul/raven, and
	yr hmbl spnt [1]. chocolate and music - primarily, big band jazz -
	were discussed (though not, sfair, bread products OR roundabouts);
	and the suitability of the midland for future, better organdised
	& far better afpvertised, afpmeets was agreed upon; the problems
	of a potential afper grappling with a very poor telco service (a
	norwegian currently otherwise happily exiled in darkest spain)
	were rehearsed, and the reasons pertaining to this barrier to
	afpxcess explained, and puzzled upon; the other michelena effect
	briefly, if calamitously, touched upon; the possibilities of the
	kudzu as a useful garden plant and the disastrous implications of
	merkin (and canadadadadadaian) agrobusinesses' genetic monocultural
	tendencies, and the temptations arising therefrom, as regards the
	possibilities for accidents involving light or not-so-light air-
	craft carrying amateur botanists', and serious gardeners' cargoes
	of mixed pollen collections; also a limited investigation of the
	midland hotel's features was made by the canadadadadian represent-
	ative, and some discussion of the place of architecture, and the
	architect, in our society occurred; as also did the desireability
	or otherwise of demon's employing michelena to set up a customer
	service department based upon her achievements for her employers
	in torororonto, at a purely nominal fee (of, say, some ukL 25k -
	so little, in comparison with demon's need, as it would be her
	first consultancy commission) (doubt as to the desireability be-
	ing expressed by michelena only); psionic powers were present on-
	ly as a subject of discussion, and in potential; and the excell-
	ence of the adelphi for enjoyable large conventions was enthus-
	iastically applauded [3], as, too, was the fact that the general
	friendly atmosphere was a resultant of both the adelphi hotel
	workers', and the managers' wonderful attitude (and this, despite
	the common ownership of the adelphi, in liverpool, and sascha's
	in manchester); and michelena entertained us with a performance
	of "weapons are a girl's best friend", to general approbation...

	- eventually, dave announced that it was about time that he was
	going, and he kindly undertook to convey paul and michelena to
	galgate, which allowed yr hmbl nnrvtr to find bed, and sleep, a
	full half-hour earlier than would otherwise've been the case -
	no small thing, when running a major sleep deficit, and due to
	rise at 6 a.m., in order safely to collect and convey michelena
	to flight TS257, at terminal 1, manchester airport, by 08:30...[4]
	(and it wasn't at all her fault, that the flight was actually an
	hour later than advertised: the airline had forgotten that clocks
	in europe went forward an hour, at the week-end ! [5])
>As I am not on call this week I could have gone to this, maybe not to
>the i-m-t bit, but certainly to the Morecambe bit.
>Michelena and ppint, will you ever forgive me?
	- silly boy, of course i would, were forgiveness needful - though
	i squeak only for myself, and you should sue separately for absol-
	ution of your mistress, once she is over the strains and stresses
	of her all-too short sojourn in this strange land, and the trials
	and tribulations of travel - but as it isn't, i shan't...

	- however, *next* time you prove delinquent,...

	- love, ppint.
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	[1] - "roAr !", says dinolush; "and me, too !"

	[2] - a job interview, concerning which, ambiguous feelings were
	      expressed as to the desirability of success, or failure...

	[3] - with the reservation that both hotel and convention security
	      be good: alas for the effects upon liverpudlian society, of
	      two decades of "tory success"

	[4] - thank-you, dave

	[5] - "they stole an hour of the convention from me !" - michelena
 "We trained hard...but it seemed that every time we were beginning to form 
  up into teams we would be reorganised.  I was to learn later in life that 
  we tend to meet any new situation by reorganising; and a wonderful method 
  it can be for creating the illusion of progress while producing confusion, 
  inefficiency, and demoralisation."
                                                - Petronius Arbiter

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