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Oxford - Claire-Louise's Birthday: Report

From: (Ydris)
Subject: Oxfrod Meet Quotefile
Date: Sun, 06 Apr 1997 17:36:39 GMT
Message-ID: <>

Here are some of the little gems I recorded for posterity;

I just wanted to make the thing go in and out...
   - protested Brother John

Why do Palastinions never turn up at AFPmeets?
Because it's an international Psionist consiracy.
     - Piers in politcally correct mode

Some of us were on BEFORE the FAQ!
     - retorted Alex

A new newsgroup -
      Request from the birthday girl (or should it be  

How do you sex a cabbage?

Just wait 'til its raining for the
official afp dirty weekend in Beds
     Piers on the potential Bedford meet

Feel free to add your own

Sono in uno stato di depressione con tendenze suicide
     - Essential phrases for travellers

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