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From: Kitten <>
Subject: [ANNOUNCE] *F* Reading X.XX, Kitten's birthday, 10/5/97
Date: 6 May 1997 10:52:16 +0100


Left this announce a little late, apologies everyone.

As some of you probably already know, I'll be celebrating my 17th
birthday on May the 10th (this Saturday) in the Monks Retreat in
Reading. It's Matt's birthday on the 8th (for those of you who know
him) so it'll be a double celebration. Anyone who wants to turn up and
join in the celebrations is welcome [1]. We'll be at the pub from 7 pm
onwards. Directions are below (provided by Matt, who's asked me to
point out that he's _not_ a driver, so any problems should be

One last point. If you would like to come to the meet but will need
crash space, _please_ arrange it before the night. Turning up and
expecting to sleep on someone's floor without previously asking will do
you no good, and you'll probably end up being turfed out onto a street
corner somewhere. I'm not going to arrange crash space for people this
time, I'm afraid you'll have to plead aloud on afp and hope that
someone will show you a little goodwill. Sorry to be so harsh, but
previous experience has shown that these little details need to be

Anyway, enough of the serious stuff. Hope to see lots of you on
Saturday :)

[1] Chocolate is not required to join the party, but would be very
welcome ;)

- --------------------- The beginning ------------------------

Directions to The Monk's Retreat Pub in Reading.

I shall direct people from the M4... To a couple of car parks.. If
you come in from any other way, tought titty... find your own map
;)... I shall also provide directions from a  car park,  plus the
station, to the pub. There will also be an ascii art map, and
available on the web a graphical map (in colour, gray scale, and 2

- From the M4:
- ------------

Because its easiest to describe from, and not much longer than any
more optimal route.. I'll direct you from Junction 11. Turn off onto
the A33 and follow it in to Reading. It'll become Southampton Street
eventually... and then you'll get to a large roundabout with a
flyover. If you want to go to the Queen's road car park (easiest to
find) go right at the roundabout towards Queen's Road... The car
park will be on your left.. It should be signposted from the
roundabout, and will be signposted from the road.

Southampton street is at the middle of the lower half of the map
I'll be putting on the web. Queen's road car park is near the "Q" of
the word "Queen" on the map.

To get to the pub... Go over the bridge thats to the right of the
Queen's Road car park (I have been informed its on the right when
you come out.. you might have to walk back along queen's road a
little way). The bridge is Duke Street... Then go over what I think
is king street/kings road,  through Market Place.. following the
curve of the road bearing around to your left. The pub will be on
your left. If you get to a crossroads with traffic lights, with a
burger king on the corner, you've gone too far (see my ascii map).

- From the train station:
- ----------------------- 

Come out of the main doors of the station (to the forecourt).. Cross
the road at the traffic lights.... and bear left down station road
(you'll cross a little one way road)... You'll get to a cross roads
with some traffic lights, and burger king on one corner. Go left
down Friar Street, and the pub will be on your right after a few
buildings and a little road which is on your right)... I think its
pretty much opposite a wine lodge.

Here is the ascii map:
  __________ SSSS__
SH_________ \FSSS_ |
           \ \ SS ||   
  _________| |____||___
GS_________ O ____O_  __
           | |      ||   
           |&|     //
  _________| |____||_
FS_________   _  ___+
         BK| | ||P  \+\
           |%| ||    \+\
  _________| |_||   //\+\
BS________  ___  \_//__\+\__
          ||        __   _
        CY             |D|
                     Queen's road   

SSSS = rail station
F = front/forecourt of station (where you cross the road)
BK = burger king
P = the pub (monk's retreat)
+ = where you bear round if you're coming from queen's road carpark,
from here to the queen's road car park is rather ascii inaccurate as
there are roads I haven't marked on. Its just to give you a vague
idea. Some of its pedestrian only too. (Stick to the pedestrian only
D = Duke street (includes a bridge)
SH = Station Hill
GS = Gerrard Street
FS = Friar Street
BS = Broad Street
& = Station Road
% = Queen Victora Street

Details of the maps of the centre of Reading available on the web:
- ------------------------------------------------------------------

The ascii map should be enough. If you want a map of the center of 
reading in case you're going to be wandering around aimlessly.. have 
a tendency to get lost easily... Are not coming in from the M4... etc 

400k colour:
180k 16 grayscale:
70k 2 colour:

The map is physically large, roughly 1300x700 pixels. The arrow I 
drew on the map is in slightly the wrong place... it should be one 
road to the right... (ie still on friar street, but a little further 
on than the road which is marked "buses only").

For those looking at the 2 colour gif, the arrow is harder to find.. 
its up a little way from the middle of the map.

The A329M route into reading brings you on at the forked junction the 
middle of the right hand edge of the map. The J11 M4/A33 route brings 
you onto the middle of the bottom edge of the map.

- --------------------------- The End --------------------------
- -- 
Kat Knight

"What we are today comes from our thoughts of yesterday, and our present
thoughts build our life of tomorrow. Our life is the creation of our mind."
 - Buddha

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