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From: (C Speed)
Subject: *F* Manchester Meet - Friday 23rd May
Date: 15 May 1997 12:56:00 GMT
Message-ID: <5lf150$r43$>

People keep asking me for details so I thought I'd better make some up.

There will be an official[1] afpmeet in Manchester on Friday 23rd May to
coincide with some author or other dong a signing thereabouts.

The signing is at Blackwells Bookshop in the university precinct centre on
Oxford Road from 4:30 to 5:30pm.  Anyone want directions mangling?  People
are free to arrive anytime during that hour (or, indeed before).  Look for
the bunch of weirdos.  Is the hamster coming?  He's not a bad meeting point
because he *bounces*.

Anyway.  From there we will adjourn ... somewhere.  Preferably with food &
drink.  I'm banking on someone with a slightly better knowledge of Manchester
than me to be present to offer suggestions, otherwise it'll be Pizza Hut.

The evening will be long, noisy and populated with more bits of electronic
gadgetry than real people, no doubt.

Accomodation for those having travelled can no doubt be arranged.  I have
both cat-free and non-cat-free rooms available.  Martin O'Nions has also been
known not to bite visitors in the past.

On Saturday 24th May "something" will probably happen as well.  The canal
boat idea looks unlikely to happen at the moment, I'm reluctant to put cash
up front on a handful of "maybe"s. Some other time perhaps. 

What about going to Lyme Park (home of Darcy in the recent Pride & Prejudice)
for the day?  See for
enticing pictures of a rather large garden.

Regardless, I now think the best plan will be to decide what, if anything, is
happening on Saturday on the Friday night.  If you can't make Friday night
and think you might like to join us on Saturday, email me with your phone
number and we'll let you know what we decide.

I look forward to seeing people there.  Incidentally, are there many older
afpers going?  I haven't seen most of you since the convention - almost a
year now - and it would be nice to catch up with people. I'd (Mark?) start
(Mike?) naming (Dave?) names (Lee?) but (Rob?[2]) I'd (Darrell?) only (Andy?)
miss (Paul?) someone (Kat?) out (Bellinghman?) and (Bellinghwoman?) cause
(Sebastian?) a (Karen?) sulk, (Emmitt?) and (ppint?) anyway (Ben?[3]) some
(Damerell?) people (LNR?) are (Bjorn?) a (Colm?) bit (Leo?) far (Rocky?)
away... Perhaps I should get that order for the Clarecraft tickets sent off? 


[1] because I said so
[2] either
[3] all of em
* Claire Speed	 [ENTX]  * Network & Operations Unit, Manchester Computing   *
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From: Martin O'Nions <>
Subject: Latest on *F* Manchester Meet - Friday 23rd May
Date: 22 May 1997 15:51:02 GMT
Message-ID: <5m1q16$9kd$>

O.K., Latest update from Claire (she's far too important to post to the net
personally these days...)

Booksigning is officially 4:30-5:30pm, but in order to allow those further
down the queue a chance to catch up (and get a couple of drinks in before
eating) all the really important people will be taking refreshment at a
place apparently bearing the name of "Barney McGrew's" up to about 6:30pm.
This venue has been chosen for many reasons, most of which are to do with
it being within a very few steps of Blackwells.

This was a public service announcent.

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