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From: (Warren Jones)
Subject: *F* Bristol Meet
Date: Mon, 26 May 1997 13:31:33 +0100
Message-ID: <>

Just got back (well, an hour or so ago). I'll leave it to someone else to 
write the meet report ('cos I'm tired) but how's this for a coincidence:
I got back to Swansea, got off the train, and the first advertising poster 
I saw was for... Soul Music the video. Spooky or what?

(Yeah, yeah, I know, "What.")
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From: ("ppint.")
Subject: *F* Bristol Meet
Date: Wed, 28 May 97 12:51:50 GMT
Message-ID: <>

           - hi; in afparticle, <>,
     "Suzi" observed, inter alia:
>                           Warren Jones wrote:
>> Just got back (well, an hour or so ago). I'll leave it to someone else to
>> write the meet report ('cos I'm tired) but how's this for a coincidence:
>> I got back to Swansea, got off the train, and the first advertising poster
>> I saw was for... Soul Music the video. Spooky or what?
>> (Yeah, yeah, I know, "What.")

	- maybe; or the univerese's way of telling you that you need a bit
	less rl in your life, maybe ?
>Glad you got home OK!

	- "aol !"
>Took us some time to get back (find) the tent! (I must have driven round
>Bristol at least 20 times trying to find my way out.)

	- arrrgghh... suzi, next meet in a strange place with unfriendlily-
	planned roads, *ask* afpers for directions (and write 'em down)...

	(- thank-you, rob & all, for pointing out my route to the bath road,
	and gideon, for guiding me round the one-way system with only *one*
	[very minor] hiccup...)
>I _know_ that at one point I got lumb^H^H^H^Hgiven the job of keeping
>track of some sort of quotefile 'cos I had the pad^H^H^Hold fashioned
>psion, but I seem to recall that this was last seen in the fair hands of

	- <fx: little seated bow>: i retain only the page with the two
	definite "quotes" made after i turned up (c. 21:30), and which
	are appended hereunto: the pad, and the pen with it, remained
	in rob's flat, address unbeknownst to yr hmbl spnt - though i
	could drive there, from bath (- so long as i were permitted to
	reverse my way back around the one-way system...), when those
	yet afpmet after your departure finally dispersed... - upon the
	fire surround, or shelf, or whatever-it-is-that-it-is-above, or
	near, his-t.v.-i-think (left-hand wall side of the corner fur-
	thest from the door from the entrance hallway-sort-of-thing).

	(yr hmbl spnt's uncertainty arises from a combination of tired-
	ness, consequent upon having driven some six hundred and forty
	miles or so, saturday night through monday lunchtime, and of my
	having had the first decent walk of this year (various bum and
	ankle and calf muscles are still jeering at me...), from winsley
	into bath (aquae sulis), and from my having run up something of
	a sleep deficit until the night after nancy, my friend living in
	winsley, who has a high regard for pterry, but hasn't yet met
	many of his books, slave-drove me on that endurance test to make
	my re-acquaintence with mary, and with heather, in bath, and then
	all go out for an excellent meal at pasta galore (even though
	there was no sticky toffee pudding, so nancy sulked, and would
	only have coffee, while we pigged ourselves on zabaglione ice
	cream). [that makes two bristol afpmeets, that nancy's declined
	to come along to - she's highly 'net, and more generally computer,
	-averse (though she's perfectly happy at the keyboard of her ded-
	icated word processor), doesn't wish to listen to people talking
	about incomprehensible tech stuff all night, or bread products,
	or roundabouts, and is more interested in consuming wine, than in
	talking about it, let alone beer... - i _have_ tried reassuring
	her of the true nature of afpers, and afpdom, but to no avail...]
	[however, mary's got her new employer to buy her a fully-'netted
	pc, to run their bristol office from bath (!), and i confidently
	anticipate nancy's 'netcorruption is nigh...<g>...] nancy wolfed
	down the last fifth of heather's very tasty-looking spaghetti:
	nancy has an awesome appetite, and she isn't just thin, she's pos-
	itively *boney* - there ain't no justice ! - she also proof-read
	_Hogfather_, and didn't tell me, 'cos she was afraid i might ask
	her to let me read it, and she didn't want to break confidential-
	ity *or* say "no"...)

>just before we left (well I left - he (Gid) was dragged.....)

	- gawd, yes !  - we were more than a little concerned, as well as
	upset, at the state that he let himself get into; but you seemed
	resigned to coping, rather than surprised, and annoyed, suzi; as
	though you were sadly well used to it...
>Oh... and by the way everyone.... Gid didn't even have the decency to
>have a hangover this morning (what _was_ in that vodka???)... 

	- ummm... ?  - the red one; the sweet, clear liqueur-spirit; or
	the clear one with bits in the bottom ?  (- i think the generous
	measure of the macallans(?) rob kindly gave him, that he downed
	in one, after sneering loudly at it, *might* have had *something*
	to do with how drunk he got himself...)

>In fact his first thought for a venue for lunch today was... guess where...
>the Pub! (I think he's sobered up now.)

	- i hope so; that drunk isn't pretty, and it isn't fair on you.
	you could've both happily've stayed on, and left rather later,
	and enjoyed rather more, if only he'd chosen to stay around the
	"plateau" level of inebriation (- neither sober, nor sozzled -)
	of 9:30 to 10:30; and he was much more fun to be with, then, too.

	- eheu.
>See y'all
>(Luv Suzi)
	- yes; i do hope so.

	- love, ppint.
	[to reply, please remove the initial "v" from the reply-to: line]

	pp.s. - the two "definite quotes" occurring, within the earshot
	        of yr hmbl spnt:

    "I fancied Donny Osmond at that age, but I wouldn't want to marry him !"
                                                        - helen highwater
       23:30 bst 25/5/97 (21:30 gmt), bristol 2.0 (???) (5/25/97 for merkind)

       "You can't take yourself too seriously..."        - Gideon (Hallett)
       "- Oh yes, you can !" - Tim (very quiet, as is his wont - till then...)
                                                00:15 bst (23:15 gmt); ibid.
            "decadence, n: the finest flowering of civilisation"
                                                          - ppint., 8/72
                            "Incipient Doldrums."
                                              - roger thomas, 19/3/97 
                                                (3/19/97 for merkins)

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