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From: Darrell Ottery <>
Subject: *F* Small(ish) Reading meet, Wed. 28/5/97
Date: Sun, 25 May 1997 18:45:43 +0100
Message-ID: <>

In article <>, Mike Gilbert
<> writes
>Suggestions welcome.

OK then. Having done a modicum of checking (and the fact that I've not
been there in a while) I'm going to suggest the Lyndhurst Ale House,
found at the end of Watlington Street. Should be OK for a smallish
number of people, and there's some nearby parking to be had. I'd suggest
the pub opposite me, but Wednesday is the local quiz night there.

Time: From about 7:30pm Wednesday 28th May.

Directions as follows:

All fun and games with the one-way system...

I'll direct from Cem. Jcn, since that's probably easiest.

At Cemetery Junction, take the left hand fork along London Road.
Travelling along London Rd (the A4) from the East, you'll notice a Murco
garage on your right, opposite the Royal Berks. hospital. Turn right
just before here into Watlington St. Park where you can on the side of
the road, the pub is at the very end, on the corner.


Key roads only marked, not to scale. An attempt to mark one-way system

If you end up on the IDR, the tortuous one-way system *does* lead back
round eventually, but there's no way I can map it... Follow signs for
A329 and you end up going round the Watlington St Gyratory. Stay in RH
lane, then peel off ASAP to drop back onto Queen's Rd (town centre
again). Go past pub, and take 1st L (Sidmouth St) before traffic
lights.Take next L to end up on South St, leading to Watlington St.

                       Queen's Rd
     <- To IDR======<======<=====<=======================
                  "   "  "    T@                         \
                  ^   v  "    !                           \
                  "   "-S-St--!                            Cem. Jcn.
                  "   "      G!                           /
Berkeley Ave/ ====+=<=+====<=========<====London Rd.=====/
Pell St.          "   "      HH
                  ^   v
                  "   "London St/
         So'ton St"   "Silver St                
(to town centre)  "   "
                  \   /
                   \ /
                    O-----------Christchurch Rd/To Uni.
                    "From M4 J10

@ - Pub. Note T at end - no access from Queen's Road.
G - Garage.
HH - Hospital.

Hope this makes some sense. The pub, however, is a decent one. Or it was
last time I went there.

Darrell [INTJ] - -

If at first you don't succeed you probably shouldn't try skydiving.

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