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From: Darrell Ottery <>
Subject: *F* belated Reading meet report
Date: Tue, 3 Jun 1997 00:21:56 +0100
Message-ID: <>

Some time ago (well, last Wednesday to be nice about it) a small group
of us decided to try a different pub for a change. It was a good

What you want more? Oh, alright then.


Meself, Adam, Claire, Elaine (MisElaineous), Mike Gilbert, Gideon (and
his suit...), Adrian Ogden and one or two others who I don't recall but
who I'm sure weren't just figments of my imagination.

I turned up a few minutes later than 7:30 (I'd been reading afp and the
time had slipped by) to find Adam and Claire sitting looking somewhat
lost. Fortunately by means of carefully coded signals we were able to
deternine who each other was, mainly by me going up to him and saying
'Hi, you're Adam, right?'. And they said I'm not subtle...

The rest of the gang turned a bit later, beer was consumed as well as
cider, food wasn't purchased 'cos they'd shut down the food bar mere
minutes before we were hungry, and topics of conversation ranged from
Acorn advocacy, geek things, the politics of Reading Uni's CS dept, kids
TV theme tunes, how to remember phone numbers, and some other stuff.
Normal sort of meet conversation, really. 

We did try at one point to bring some sort of *R*elevancy to the table
by discussing casting and the adaption of WS (which I haven't seen yet
*muttergrumblepoxyC4reception*) and then, having carefully avoided the
pub across from my place since it was quiz night, got roped into the
local quiz night here. Bah!

Still, given that this was afp, and we ought to be rather good at
obscure trivia we entered and gave it a go.

We scored quite badly... So, just to show that we weren't entirely dim,
and the the quizbook was out of date and rather dubious, I'll attach the
questions to the end of this. I think they didn't like us being accurate
in our answers myself, and recourse to a Psion, an atlas, and a tape
measure proved to be necessary for some of the answers.

That was pretty much it - folk moved off around 10:30 or so, it being a
week night. A good evening, at least IMO, and a nice change to see some
new faces. For those that missed it, tough. But there's likely to be
another meet in the area fairly soon for the reason that I'm moving
house. Once I know myself where I'm living I'll organise another one,
probably in a month/six weeks or so, depending on what else is going on
at the time.

Anyway, the quiz questions:

1. What are the three primary colours of light?
2. Which town did the Pied Piper rid of rats?
3. How long is a 5UKP note? [1]
4. Which is the hottest part of a rainbow?
5. In which bay is Alcatraz sited? [2]
6. Which dwarf could spin straw into gold?
7. How many in a score?
8. Where did the orange originate?
9. By what name is scorpion grass better known?
10. How did Emperor Nero die? [3]
11. Which sense did Milton lose?[4]
12. Who wrote 'The Godfather'? [5]
13. Which brewery brews 'Boxing Hare'?
14. What is the most north-easterly state in the US? [6]

[1] And we bloody well measured this with a handy ruler. And *still* got
it wrong... We figured the book was out of date and was referring to the
old (but not white) fivers.

[2] We didn't get a bonus point for known what the number of the public
call box is. +1 415 421 8542, if anyone's interested.

[3] Apparently not from oxygen deprivation to the brain.

[4] Not humour.

[5] Not Marlon Brando.

[6] US geography not being a specialist subject both a Psion and a world
atlas were brought into play here. We did get the point for this one...

Darrell [INTJ] - -

Time to raze humanity and let evolution start over, preferably without

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