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From: "Adrian B. Jones" <>
Subject: [ANNOUNCE] *F* London meet 31/5/97
Date: 15 May 1997 10:04:14 +0100
Message-ID: <>

[you're too kind.. *snif* -mpk]


It seems I've upset Mike by not doing an announce type thingy, so...

I'm having another birthday. Can't seem to give them up. Only this
one's going to last 4 days.

Day 2 is 31st May (May 31st for Merkins) in Pages Bar, Pimlico.
(Corner of Page Street and Marsham Street) 

Yes, that's the (in)famous Star Trek pub frequented by the likes of

If any afpers would like to come along and buy me alcohol (or not), you
are more than welcome. Look out for the Klingon, K'Pam, it's her
birthday too.

There should be more details on my web page (I'm working on it now!)
( Click on the presents (not a hint
honest!) icon on the top page to see it. And if I've done it right,
there should also be a link to a map of the area generated by the quite
wonderful UK Street Map web page. 

Hope to see some of you in the flesh at last

Adrian (aka Listicath)

PS Sorry Mike!
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