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Adrian Jones' Birthday: Report

From: "Adam" <>
Subject: *F* London Meet (Adrian's B-day) Was Great!
Date: 2 Jun 1997 14:43:47 GMT
Message-ID: <01bc6f5d$b790e7e0$>

I went up to Pages Bar on Saturday afternoon, from Reading and queued up
nervously looking for a friendly face wearing any kind of Pterry

I was giving up hope, when at 4:55Pm someone noticed my carefully exposed
Soul Music t-shirt (free with the video from Woolies that very day!) and
came up to me. He was (and hopefully still is) Chris Carter. I knew it was
really him when he showed me his Tamagotch (which had just died). 

We went in, got some requisite alcohol, (damn Caffreys is good!), and
looked around for any sign of other AFPer's.

We met up with Adrian (in whose honour we were there) and his S.O., and
that was the sum total of AFP representation. There were about 15 people
from Adrian's Mensa group (obviously intelligent enough to find the Pub!).

I have to say that overall, it was one of the best nights out in London I
have had for a long time. (ok its the only one, but that's not the point!)
The people were friendly and welcoming, the food was good, and the
entertainment had me ROTFL all night.

I know everyone has commitments and plans, but having travelled a fair way
to get there, it would have been nice to meet a few more of you in the

I can heartily reccommend Pages bar for a good night out anyway. For any
Sci-fi fans who want a chance to be involved in a new British Sci-fi film
called Legionnaires, this Saturday there is a special event at Pages,
giving people the chance to be involved, both on and off camera, But you
have to turn up to get the chance. If anyone wants to know more, e-mail me
at and I'll tell you what they told us on Saturday.
Adam (replace at with @ and remove the spaces to mail me)

"You can't go around building a better world for people. Only people
can build a better world for people. Otherwise it's just a cage."
-- (Terry Pratchett, Witches Abroad)

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