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Cambridge: Report

From: (Peter Ellis)
Subject: [F] Cambridge Meet Report
Date: Sun, 15 Jun 1997 13:13:49 GMT
Message-ID: <>

Roll Call:  Peter (yr hmbl spnt and Dictator-in-Chief)
            The Lemming
            The Damerell
            Gid/Suzi Holyoake
            Caroline Jones
            A semi-lurker called Chris [something]
            Another random lurker called Julia
            Boris the Badger

Your narrator arrived at the Granta at 6:30 complete with
compressed-vegetable-matter based Psion, but unfortunately lacking
certain other items; to wit, anything chocolate-coated, a glove puppet,
and a version of *that* hat.

The first of these omissions was swiftly remedied by the fair Loriba,
arriving in the wake of a "dodgy Goth-type" who upon close examination
proved to be the Damerell.  The proffered CC grapes were sampled by all
present and pronounced to be a valuable addition to the canonical
collection of afp comestibles.  First quote of the evening for The
Notepad -- "So far we haven't had chocolate coated cucumbers, but..."

On the arrival of Suzi, Julia, and Gid (wearing the requisite hat), and
the production of Boris the Badger, every afpmeet essential was in
place.  And the conversation did commence to start.

The topics covered included:

How to dance at the Slimelight 
Old computers
Who should play Greebo in human form
The Future of Usenet (TM)
Dilbert cartoons we have known and loved
How to put a cat on a diet
The Post Office Tower
The nature, gender and pronunciation of ppint.
     "the pee is silent as in swimming pool"

After about two hours of this, your humble dictator mooted that we
should move on to the India House next door.  Upon receipt of the news
that we'd have to wait 45 mins for a table, the Damerell mooted that we
seek sustenance elsewhere.  The party democratically agreed to go with
the second moot and the Damerell suggested the Hotpot as a potential
venue, but was less than specific about the exact distance involved.

And thus began the Long March To Hotpot.

About 45 minutes later, we were at the Promised Land, flowing with sake
and monosodium glutamate; all-in-all, the food was worth the walk, but
probably only replaced the calories expended in reaching the dam' place.

A couple of gratuitous out-of-context quotes:

Damerell: "You are a computer geek -- you just haven't admitted it yet."

Julia: "We're not all built like racing whippets"

Damerell: "Are you allowed a bucket of soapy frogs?"

Julia: "Just how perverted *are* you, David?"

Here endeth the saga of the latest AfpCam.

Dictator's Note:  I think the next one needs to be organised a bit
further in advance, so we can do some essentials like booking restaurant
tables, and so more people can plan their diaries around it -- there
seem to be many potential afpers who simply couldn't make it at such
short notice.

I hereby offer to undemocratically exert total power over (= organise)
an afpmeet some Saturday in November.  All in favour say "Wossname" --
I'll sort out the details at the start of next term.


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