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Ealing 'Memphis' Meet: Report

From: (Colette Reap)
Subject: [F] Ealing 7(ish) Meet Report
Date: Sat, 26 Jul 1997 23:56:16 GMT
Message-ID: <>

Alex having called an Ealing meet, the following reprobates turned up
at the Wheatsheaf at approximately the appointed time:

Alex TEH
The Damerell
Mike Knell
Adrian Wragg
Mark Lowes
Lady Kayla
Ben Chalmers
Ben Halstead
Helen Highwater
Tim Hunt
The Bellinghpeople
Simon Callan
Paul Rood
The Vodka Vixen
BSL Simes
Rob Collier
Darrel Ottery
Gideon Hallett
Dave Sullivan
A. Lurker and her German friend

and by phone, TRSZ.

A big meet, you will agree. Many things were talked about, and at
least two people were celebrating - it was Tim's birthday yesterday,
and The Bellingwoman was (still) celebrating some very good news on
the work front. We tried to ring Rocky to wish him a happy birthday
for tomorrow, but couldn't get through.

Paul admitted that that he had little between his ears.

Colette told Adian to 'Get his hand out of that raccoon's bottom'

Mike told BSL Simes that he couldn't loom under a table.

Adrian had great fun when he found he could use his umbrella as a kind
of raccoon rocket launcher, and discovered that he could propel a
raccoon 2 table lengths.

Lots of mutual 'Well are *you* going to the Clarecraft do, then'
questions were asked, and most answered in the affirmative.

There were many conversations along the three tables that we had
pushed together to accommodate us all.

At chucking out time a bunch of people returned to the Bellinghome for
coffee - Mark, Kayla, Rob, Mike, Alex, Adrian, Darrell, Simes, Simon
and Ben Halstead. Fortunately the Bellinghome is related to the Tardis
(2nd cousin, 3rd removed, according to Darrell). After coffee was
drunk and various felines made a fuss of, those who were not staying
disappeared into the night.

All in all a very enjoyable night, and if anyone else can remember any
other details (like Paul diappearing into the gents with Alex's mobile
phone to talk to TRSZ, because the noise level in the bar made talking
and listening very difficult), please feel free to follow up with
Colette (a.k.a The Boojette, apparently)
The Goddess You Can Worship Between Services Without Ruining Your Appetite

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