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Ipswich 3.0: Report

From: Gabriel Krabbe <>
Subject: [F] CC live meet-feed (ipswich pre-meet; #1)
Date: 8 Aug 97 19:15:36 GMT
Message-ID: <>

Live feed from Ipswich pre-CC-meet #1

-- Preamble. 07.Aug 97, 0300-1900

Alan and Colette's cats are two particularly ferocious
examples of their species, i learned. At about 0300,
I awoke, finding myself sharing a bed with K^Hcat. 
Which decided that it was in desperate need of some
gentle stroking - not very subtly demonstrating this
desire by pointed (no pun intended) placing of a paw
with semi-extended claws on my neck...

Shortly after breakfast, Colm, Claire, Alan and I 
departed for London/Stansted airport, to pick up 
glinda and Emmet - who's third sentence was the 
memorable "I see I've been outgeeked already."

The latter two were first checked into their hotel in
Bury St.Edmunds (why should anyone want to?) - where 
we discovered the usefulness of a nokia communicator
in collaboration with a dialin shell-account and lynx:
nobody knew the directions to the location of the 

Which we did actually manage to arrive at first, with
enough time to find food and subsequently *still* be 
first at the meet location.

Presently, 17 people are rearranging most of the pub's
beer garden, with me having almost lost track of who's
who, and why.


e-mail will be posted as i see fit.

OK, I'm weird. But I'm saving up to being eccentric.

From: Carol Willis <>
Subject: Ipswich Meet - 3.0
Date: Sat, 09 Aug 1997 09:31:28 +0000
Message-ID: <>

Well, it happened, in spite of Tap's directions around 40 people made it
to the pre-Clarecraft meet in Ipswich.

I have no hope of detailing everyone who was there - I'll leave that to
one of the people with a portable brain (psion/velo) but there were lots
of us, we filled the beer garden and a fun time was had.

Memorable things from the evening:- Kazoo's and Nose Flutes - Bohemian
Rhapsody will never sound the same again.  Cabbage Flag.  Michelena's
remarkable talent for humming with someone else's tongue firmly down her
throat.  The grin on Dino-lush's face after his encounter with the
hedgehog.  Strange chocolate things with peanut butter inside.  The
Bellinghman moving the huge mushroom thing.  

Various quotes were recorded - much beer was drunk.  Various people
ended up staying here at Spring Roll so drinking and talking continued
way into the night.  Finishing just in time for the ppintish person to
wake up whoever was nearest the door at 4am when she finally arrived.

The morning has started with surreal conversation and no small amount of

All in all 'twas good practice for the weekend ahead - thanks to all who
turned up, especially those who came equipped with chocolate.    

Carol Willis, Ipswich, UK 
BroomCon Organdiser    
Your mode of life will be changed to 0644.

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