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Clarecraft Discworld Event 1997: Announce

From: Clarecraft <>
Subject: [ANNOUNCE] Clarecraft Event + afp
Message-ID: <>
Date: Fri, 21 Mar 1997 08:54:49 GMT

(And Elton deserves a round of applause for this much appreciated
 gesture, nu? --mpk)


At the time of arranging the Clarecraft Event on the weekend 9-10th
August, 1997, Clarecraft were unaware that a planned afp megameet was
taking place the previous week. Obviuosly, our planned event has
impinged on the preparations already made by some people.

To this extent, Clarecraft would like to extend the invitation to our
event to any of the parties affected. So, if you were going to the afp
meet and would like to attend ours, please read on:

The Clarecraft Event is taking place on a farm and has a 'Reaper man'
theme. It is not a Convention (fortunately for us, Paul Rood is the man
who performs this enormous task), so please do not expect plush hotels,
central heating, etc. Being an outdoor event, we are open to the
elements and would advise anybody coming to be prepared for all extremes
of weather. A field is available for those wishing to camp overnight.

The whole idea of our Event is to bring together a multitude of
Discworld fans in a relaxed and friendly environment. Terry Pratchett
will be attending, along with as many other personalities and
organisations linked to Discworld as we can arrange.

The cost for tickets for the weekend is two pounds sterling per person,
payable in advance. If you would like to book tickets, then please write
to me at the address below, supplying your name, address, the number of
people attending, the days on which you wish to attend, and, if you plan
to eat with the majority of us in the evening, whether you are a
vegetarian or eat just about anything. Please enclose a cheque payable
to 'Clarecraft'.

For any Discworld Collectors' Guild members reading this posting, I know
that I said that this Event would not be made public until May and I
hope you understand that my reasons for this change of heart is purely
that I do not wish to cause inconvenience to *any* Discworld fan.
I would certainly hate to be thought of as 'ill Mannered':-)

Best wishes and thank you for your help,


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