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From: Jacqui <>
Subject: [F] Adjudication on Edinburgh meet please
Date: Wed, 27 Aug 1997 14:32:28 -0700
Message-ID: <>

OK, slightly overdue "report" on Edinburgh Festival "holiday", for those
that know me, but beforehand, a little clarification please?

Q: Was me and Sara in the Jekyll and Hyde (post Pterry book fest thing)
on 14th Aug the smallest possible AFPmeet or not?  Discworld Tshirt was
worn (me) book was carried (her) and we shared our table with approx.
200 Convention leaflets... it was also mentioned on AFP by Sara and
therefore I claim it as an official AFPmeet.  But detractors (hi
Darrell) say not.  Adjudication please!

Anyway... Edinburgh, 2nd-21st Aug.  
Alcohol drunk: circa 200 units.  Shows attended: 36  Shows paid for: 1
(Sean Hughes). "Press" tickets: 1 [1]. Perrier nominees seen: 2  Perrier
judges seen: 6  Celebs "hobnobbed with": Ben Elton.  Scott Capurro. 
Lenny Henry [2]  Sanjay from Eastenders (ok, getting a bit desperate). 
Recommendations: Wotjamacallem's Greebo, from Witches Abroad [3].  Kenny
Young and the Eggplants [4]  Mitch Benn. The Spite Boys [5]. Football
matches played: 1 (8-6 to Oxford Brookes).  Hours sleep: ave. 4 per
night [6]. Amount of singing: 4 nights. Pterry sightings: 2,
Fountainbridge and Book Festival. Sell out (50) audiences: 3  Smallest
audience played to: 2. General fun: loads^1000000000

[1] for Pterry at Book Festival. On the grounds of dump^h^h^distributing
the best part of 1000 convention forms.  Thanks Paul.
[2] Lenny Henry brought his daughter to 2 shows at our venue, and left
his Gold Card behind!  Visions of wild spending sprees sadly levelled by
"doing the right thing".  And not just cos we wanted tickets to see him
& the band...
[3] good show, but Greebo and the feather stole it, guys!
[4] Amazing singy-silly group.  "Fish would be standup comedians. But
they don't speak English. Or any major language. Except German. And only
Trout speak German.  And they can't stand up". (all done in Lou
[5] christened me and Jen (Diamanda from DWCon96, a small Goth) Ginger
Spice and Dead Spice.  Strangely appropriate.
[6] Nothing at all to do with **** the Techie (oh, possibly then).

Old MacDonald had a farm, eieio. And on that farm he had a car alarm,
eieio.  With a EOEOEOEOEOEOEO here and a EOEOEOEOEOOEOE there, here a
had a farm, eieio.

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