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From: J & R Hookey <>
Subject: [ANNOUNCE] [F] Aug 30th Milton Keynes Meet
Date: 13 Aug 1997 20:37:07 +0100
Message-ID: <>


Hello everyone,

I'm sorry that it's taken me so long to get the restaurant address and
information, for the 30th - but planning and AFPmeet at long distance has
been quite a challange [1].

The Mandarin is at 12 LLoyds Court,  Secklow Gate West, Central Milton
Keynes.  Tel ( 01908) 670457/ 678981 - please contact me if you need a JPEG
map of the local area.

The time for the meal is from 12:00 to 2:30pm, so this will give you all
time to get to Milton Keynes, and get back - since due to the fact I'm only
visiting I can't offer crash space etc.  We can always continue on to a pub
later in the day, but I'll have to get the Ookling baby sat for a bit to do
that - not a problem, but I'll have to leave for a short time to arrange

For those of you who are planning to travel via train, if you can do your
best to arrive around 11:00ish, I will be able to pick you all up - the
closer to this time the better, as I don't want to have to make bunch of
trips to the train station.  I can, I'm sure also get you back to the train
station at some time later that day!

If any of you would like a copy of the menu, please don't hesitate to
contact my Birth Mother, Liz at, if you give her your
snail mail address, she'll mail one to you.  There is a wide variety of
food stuffs, including plenty vegitarian stuff!

Please contact me at prior to Aug 19th or e-mail me
c/o after this date, if you have any last minute

I look forward to seeing soe of you on Aug 30th.


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From: * (Maurice Barnes)
Subject: [F]Milton Keynes Meet-directions
Date: Tue, 26 Aug 1997 16:06:00 GMT
Message-ID: <5tv2ge$>

Ok, these are reposted from a mail from Ookey to help poor lost sheep
like myself navigate though the metropolis that is Milton Keynes.

So don't blame me if you get lost.

>From M1 *Southbound* Junction 14 come off the motorway, and take the
3rd exit left on to the Child's Way - go past the Coach Way on your
left hand side, and stay on that road continuing straight on at all
roundabouts. You will go straight past a big lake on your right hand
side. you are still on the Child's Way and you need to stay on this
'till the roundabout junction with theV7/Saxon Street - go straight
across at this roundabout and you will see a set of garages one either
side of you,  and then there will be another roundabout which will say
Fishermead to the left and the City CentreShopping to the right,  turn
right at this point.  You will start to go up a slight rise,  and
there will be the main shopping centre ahead of you. there are three
sets of traffic lights to go through,  keep to the left hand lane,
and after the third set of lights you will see an entrance on your
left about 20 yards past the lights.  Turn left into the car parking
area,  the Mandarin restaurant is slightly to your right and straight
ahead of you... it has an orange colour sign you can't possibly miss
it.  If lost ask for Lloyds Court,  Secklow Gate West, at Central
Milton Keynes.  You will see the large black horse bronze statue at
the end of the block that the restaurant is on.... any problems phone
01908 262388 and Ken will talk you in from wherever you have got
yourself...Benbecula  excluded.

Maybe you could post these instructions to the ng - so any and all
will have them.  Look forward to seeing you on Sat.


Has everybody got that?....good,  see y'all Saturday.

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