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Milton Keynes 1.0: Report

From: (Chris Suslowicz)
Subject: [F]Milton Keynes 1.0 Meet Report
Date: Sun, 31 Aug 1997 23:50:12 +0000
Message-ID: <>

A poster's preamble: the following text was concocted after the meal, by
Suzi and Ookey (abetted by all and sundry), and typed by Suzi into a
borrowed Compaq portable... in Micro$oft Word (Aaaaargh!) text was 1863
bytes before I tidied it up, but the file size was 19K - Microbloat anyone?

Milton Keynes v1.0

AFPers present: 

'Ookey, Ookling, Gid, Suzi, Big Jules, The Godess, The Bellinghman, Robin,
Chris Suslowicz, Loriba, Maurice(Mr O.), Zweiblumen, Cadbury (the Moose),
Darrell (the Penguin) and Harry (the Hedgehog).

Lurkers present: Teresa & George + sprogs.

Unable to be present, but wishes passed to the meeting (via 'Ookey): Howard
(stuck in Leicester.. Howard.. pah.. hire cars.. stick them in the scorpion
pit as well!), ppint. (attended by phone), Gordon Steemson and Ookey's
brother-in-law (who lurks in Calgary) Andrew.

Duncan said "plthththththh" several times (especially to Gid)... and this
is probably the most noteworthy quote from during the Chinese meal . Plenty
of very nice chinese food was eaten. Discussions included: Cats.. more
cats.. pigeons.. death of pigeons.. musak (especially in restaurants!).. 

Loriba WYMMed the entire meet.. the entire meet accepted. Alan said that
peeled grapes looked quite disgusting. Loriba's T-shirt did the rounds to
be signed. LOTS of chocolate was passed round (and the now obligatory
grapes were also passed round!)

Quotes: "Are we signing it the right way up!" (Mike - you're right - these
things DO sound better out of context!)

And Chris said "And this roundabout intentionally left blank"

Ookey AFProposed to Suzi, since living with Gid deserved loads of sympathy
- Suzi accepted and Gid was seen to sulk!

Most were too busy eating to contribute anything deep and meaningful
(Oxymoron? - Loriba) or anything too deeeply embarassing.

via Chris

After the meal, the meeting fractionated somewhat: Ookey went off to find
ppint (stuck in traffic on the M1 and subsequently mislaid in MK), The
Bellingpeople went home, having arranged a further pubmeet for the evening,
and the Usual Suspects (Chris(me), Big Jules, Gid, Suzi, Loriba &
Zweiblumen) headed for the nearest pub to pass the time. Beer was drunk,
CCCBs consumed, quotes ruthlessly taken out of context, e.g: "When he's a
bit 'tired and emotional' at night, the tongue comes out as well" from Suzi
(of Gid)[1], also "It tastes a bit like Germolene smells" and "Lychees
taste like paraffin smells" (at which point I ran out of envelope.)

At about 18:00 we decided to head for Milton Keynes 1.0.1 (V1R0M1 in
IBMspeak). Gid and Suzi departed in their Capri (full of computer bits
(sorry!)), and after a pause to buy Lottery tickets (did anyone win?), the
remainder headed for the Plough via taxi. There we found ppint and the
Bellinghfolk, and the meeting continued. Loriba and myself were introduced
to the Seal of Approval (brings a new meaning to seal-clubbing), and
further fun was had by all. Hopefully, I have a photo of the "group hug"
that Moose and the others engaged in, if so, I'll try and post that

Meet closed at about 23:00, I think Birmingham is next?

Chris. (and Moose.)

[1] Oh, all right then: in the context of two-fingered typists. Gid then
demonstrated the "hunt and peck with quizzical expression" to general

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From: J & R Hookey <>
Subject: [ANNOUNCE] [F] Milton Keynes 1.0 Photos!
Date: 25 Sep 1997 09:03:32 -0000
Message-ID: <>


Dear all,

Let me thank those who managed to make it to the Milton Keynes 1.0 meet on
Aug 30th - it was great to see you all!  Those who missed it, it's a

Now you can all have a look at what we did at the restaurant, other than
eat vast quantities of chinese food and chocolate - while watching the
Ookling playing with Gid's beard, hat and anything else he could get to!

Thanks to more than a little help from our own lovely Leo the digicam
pictures can now be found at:

See you all again next year!


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