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Ealing Meet - Rocky II: Report

From: (Alex the Eternally Harassed)
Subject: [F] Ealing Meet report....
Date: Sun, 28 Sep 1997 11:01:33 GMT
Message-ID: <>

I arrived at the usual location (The Wheatsheaf, Haven Lane) at around
7:15pm, expecting to be one of the first people there.  I was surprised to
see a fairly full house already.

The full list of attendees (apologies if I missed anyone):

Myself, Alex TEH
Simon Callan
Rob the Ergonomist
Bel Birch
Eva Culleton-Oltay (I hope I spelled that right.  Death was threatened <g>)
Paul Watts
Gideon Hallett
BSL Simes (and sister)
Kitten (does she get the title of The Other True Kat yet?)
Mike Knell
The Bellinghpeople (as always <g>)
Ben Chalmers
Helen Highwater
Adrian Wragg
The Muppet (with haircut.  I've never seen uncontrolled hair that short 
            before.  Imagine rubbing velvet.  it's like that)

Oh, and we mustn't forget the whole purpose of the meet:

Rocky Frisco.

Virtual attendees were:

Darrell (I have stuff to do)
Darrell (fx: female voice from background "Darrell, your dinner is ready")
Darrell "Stop bloody phoning me, alright"
Paul & Karen
Orin (who allegedly took the call in bed)
Zaruga (who was woken up specially - sorry)
Hamster (Hope LiR is OK)
Darrell (I will/will not be going to bed, and at which point I may/may not 
         go to sleep immediately, and may/may not read if I don't go to 
         sleep immediately)

Having arrived at the Wheatsheaf, we discovered they were having a 'Back to
Skool' night and all the barstaff and some others were dressed in St
Trinians-style school uniform.

After lots of the normal afp-discussions, Mike decided to find out *why*
Darrell was unable to attend.  After discovering he had "stuff to do", and
the phone had been passed round a bit, a voice was heard in the background
telling Darrell that his "dinner was ready".  Speculation as to who this
unknown female voice is, obviously, likely to be rife, and a seperate
AFPThread called "[C] Who is Darrell's Mystery Woman" is likely to appear
*real* soon :)

After more telephone calls to Darrell and the Rood household, Live Music

I don't know how, but 'Tina' managed to not only find the resonant frequency
of her speakers, the pub, my ears and most other things while singing, but
she also managed to be out of tune with her backing tape.

This was around 9:30pm.  It was decided that Enough Was Enough and we all
headed towards the Bellinghouse to continue there.  

Having 18-odd people in the Bellinghouse was... interesting.  Lots of
alcohol and snacks were had and Darrell was phoned once more (well, wouldn't

Other people were also phoned.  Zaruga was got out of bed, as was Orin
(although he claims that he was still *in* bed when talking).

Loads of other stuff also happened, but if I mentioned it all, then there'd
be no point in other people following up, so the rest is up to you...

I will finish with one last comment on the Darrell situation:

Darrell, we *will* find out what happened :)    Reading is next weekend,
yes?  Be afraid.  Be very afraid.

Alex the Eternally Harassed

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