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From: Darrell Ottery <>
Subject: [F] Future Reading meet - Oct 4th?
Date: Mon, 1 Sep 1997 19:50:31 +0100
Message-ID: <>

Hah! Thought you'd got rid of me, eh? Not so fast! OK, so I'm
predominantly just skimming afp for the time being, but I'm still here
in body, if not mind.

Yeah, it's that time again. Now I've moved, settled somewhat, and have a
bit better idea of how my free time pans out I'm going to suggest
another Reading meet. I think it's up to 4 by now.

Given my having to work (or possibly having to do so) over the next few
weekends, and to allow for some advance notice, I hereby suggest
Saturday 4th October at a venue to be decided (I'm now over the other
side of town so I'm pondering one of the more local pubs instead of the
Monk's Retreat). In the interests of all concerned I've decided that I
shall selflessly investigate a few likely candidates, but if nothing
useful turns up then I guess it'll be the Monk's once more, since it
suffices as a meet pub for convenient proximities to stations, car
parks, and such like. And the beer's not too bad and the food is pretty
reasonable. Hmm, maybe I *will* pick the Monk's again...

Unless I hear any significant objections to the contrary then I'll go
with the 4th as a date, and post a location later once I've decided on
one. The other alternative is the 21st of this month, but I'm not
*entirely* sure I'm free that weekend yet. All the rest of September as
far as I'm concerned is out, and if it's left any later we're running
dangerously into the pubs being filled with 'orrible students. I suspect
there may still be a few lurking around at the beginning of October, but
the majority of newcomers will most likely still be deciding that hall
bars are groovy places, deluded fools that they are...

So, any takers? Just so I've an idea of numbers - typically Reading
tends to pull 2 to 3 dozen afpers and associated cronies.

And for future reference I'd expect there to be something happening
again nearer Xmas - either the 7th or 13th December at a rough guess.

.announces will go out soonish, courtesy of the ever-lovely Mike. And
I'm *probably* able to provide *some* crash space, but more details on
this later.

Darrell [INTJ] - -

Life is uncertain. Eat dessert first. 

From: Darrell Ottery <>
Subject: [ANNOUNCE] [F] Reading meet Sat 4th October
Date: Thu, 25 Sep 1997 07:31:34 +0100
Message-ID: <>

[Ooops. This one was sat in my mailqueue over the weekend while I was
out having fun. As a result, mpk won't have seen it to afprove, so I'll
remedy that straight away. Sorry Darrell, Sorry mpk.  -Tap]

Hi all. I'm back after a partly self-enforced sabbatical whilst I've
been sorting a few things out. Just don't ask...

In celebration of this fact [1] I'm going to suggest a Reading (that's
the one in the southern part of the UK for anyone who hadn't figured
it already...) meet in a couple of weeks time.

[1] Actually, that's a complete fabrication - I'd suggested this a few
weeks back to the sounds of much apathy...

The time - 7:30pm (ish) Saturday 4th October

The place - the usual one, since I haven't had the time to verify the
suitability of any other candidates. That's the Monk's Retreat public
house, Friar St, Reading. Anyone who's not been before can mail me for
directions or a map, but I'd expect the usual crowd to know where it
is these days... I *think* we're up to four or five there by now...

The reason - WTF not? No, it's about time for another one in these
parts. Next planned one (aside from a fairly spontaneously announced
one to take place *midweek* soon when Rocky's down this way) will be
December, for obvious reasons, so if you miss this one you'll have a
short while to wait to delight in a meet in the town that can honestly
claim to be the home of the Yellow Pages.

Anyone wishing to join in remotely can ask me nicely for phone

Those seeking a prospective small corner of floor for the evening
should ask fairly soon. Those seeking a bed, well, we'll just wait and
see, huh? ;)

See y'all there. Or not, if you don't turn up.

Darrell [INTJ] - -

Of course prostitutes have children. Where do you think traffic wardens come

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