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From: (Ben Hutchings)
Subject: [F] Oxford 11th October
Date: 11 Oct 1997 23:46:57 GMT
Message-ID: <61p35h$9ej$>

To the best of my knowledge, Bryan and three others are currently
wandering around Oxford looking for "real food", after midnight.
Muahahahahaha!  Meanwhile, lnr, being a complete tafprt, has managed to
spread my cold virus to herself, Bryan, Mike Knell, and others.  So you
can all suffer along with me for the next few days.  Muahahahahaha!
Ahahahahaha!  Aha.  Aha.  Ha.  (Ahem.)
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From: Kitten <>
Subject: [F] Oxford meet report(ish)
Date: Sun, 12 Oct 1997 12:57:16 +0100
Message-ID: <>

Um. Wow. Quite a few people turned up. And there were football fans. I
was chastised a couple of times for not holding the meet in the Turf
Tavern. Let me just say in my defence:

a) I was expecting maybe a maximum of a dozen people or so, not the 35
plus who turned up (*boggle*, you lot are nuts. I only announced the
meet ten days ago).
b) Not being a football fan, I hadn't taken the England/Italy match into
consideration before choosing a date for the meet (and the Turf would
have been equally full).

So I don't apologise for holding it in the Wheatsheaf. Ha. Right,
excuses out the way, I thought the meet went pretty well. Lots of
alcohol was consumed (always a good sign, they even ran out of pint
glasses by about 9 pm), and we kept up tradition by going to Burger King

Notable attendees include:

The Damerell (who had blue hair - _very_ blue hair)

Jos Dingjan (who came over from Holland _specifically_ for the meet, and
was only in Britain for 19 hours before going back again. Some people
are _really_ dedicated, *grin* [I'm glad you came Jos, *hug*])

ppint. (who, without warning, travelled from Lancaster and brought a
dozen or so assorted afpets with him - led to lots of 'interesting'
looks from people as they walked in)

Stephen Briggs (yes, the man himself, even though he didn't say hello to
me, *sniff*)

And a 1000 eleph^H^H^H^H^Hbloody football fans (*growl*).

No-one ever reads these things anyway, so I'll leave it at that. Not
having a Psion, I didn't manage to get a list of everyone there, or any
quotes, but I'm sure that someone else will provide us with these
important details. I hope that everyone else who went enjoyed it as much
as I did.
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Subject: [F] Oxfrod meet...
Date: 13 Oct 1997 20:49:58 +0100
Message-ID: <>

Well that was an interesting one 3-)

Owen and I arrived by coach to be met by LNR.  After monopolising her
stereo and eating her chocolate for a while we made our way to the
Wheatsheaf, where Alan and a few others had already arrived.  Plus
about a million football fans.  On finding that no food was available
at the pub we went straight for the second-nearest pizza place.

When we got back the pub had filled up with AFPers a bit more (and
this theme continued throughout the evening).  I'm not sure if we ever
outnumbered the football crowd but it might well have been close.
There were photos from the Clarecraft event, which I'd missed.  I'd
not actually known up until that point who the occupants of The Tent
had been...  (cue Bonzo Dog Doodah Band).

Well I talked to quite a few people, some of whom I recognized, some
of whom I didn't, and some of whom I really -ought- to have
recognized.  The Damerell was wandering around with bright blue hair
(and still had it at work today too).

Much beer and cider was consumed.  Pint glasses were for some reason a
rare commodity, so the drinks tended, like the football, to be of two

Come closing time the party staggered in the direction of Burger King,
as has already been recounted.  Those of us with taste declined to buy
from it; Ftony, LNR, Owen and I disappeared off to get some sleep at
that point.  (Thanks for the crash space due to the keeper of purity
scores...)  In the morning, Tony crept out very quietly, taking every
care to awake the rest of us, not aware we were all awake anyway...

Sunday didn't really count as an afpmeet but I'll recommend _The Full
Monty_ (to watch) and Cafe Bateau (to eat in) anyway.  Oh, and _White
Merc with Fins_ to read, though I haven't got very far through it yet.


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