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From: (Stephen Booth)
Subject: Birmingham 1.00 afpmeet 21st November 1997
Date: Tue, 11 Nov 1997 22:36:12 GMT
Message-ID: <>

This is a reminder that there shall be on the 21st November (ie
Friday after next) an afpmeet in Birmingham on the occaision of
pTerrys visit to our wonderful city :-).

Initial plan is to meet at 7:00pm in Pat O'Connell's on Hurst
Street (opposite the Hippodrome).  At 8:30 move to a suitable
location for food (to be decided at the time) options are :

              China Court - Chinese
              Pizza Land  - Pizza, Pasta etc
              Royal Tandoori - Curry &c
              Mr Egg - Cafe, greasy spoon type.  Very cheap.
              Cafe Surf (If reopened by then) - Continental cafe/sandwich bar

After that move to pub or other venue depending on who wants to
do what.  

This plan is subject to revision of course.

Stephen Booth
Technical analyst


If my employers shared my opinions they'd
pay me more.

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