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Ipswich 2.0: Report

From: Dinolush <>
Subject: [F] Ipswich 2.0 - Meet report
Date: Mon, 15 Dec 1997 23:33:23 +0000
Message-ID: <>

And so it came to pass that on Sunday 14th December a small but select
group of afpers and associated hangers-on did gather together and make
merry in the hostelry known as the Brewery Tap.

In the beginning there were but Two - not Adam and Eve in this case but
Tap and Carol.  A third was drawn from the North to join their number,
and this third was the great and good ppint. without whom no afpmeet was
complete.  These three didst start the party early with much confusion
and sureality (and, naturally enough one set of piggy ears, a man in a
white coat and another with a big chopper) on the eve of the afp-event.

Returning to the day in question, afp-things atarted to happen at a time
approaching noon when yhn was discovered and one Funky Love Aardvark did
phone from the railway station.  Said Aardvark was collected, fed and
shuffled off to the pub along with the afpers previously assembled and
the notorious (but strangely sans-lycra) Jim Darby, cycle-freak and
harbinger of weirdness.

Drinking happened. *RRRRRRRRRRooooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrr*

Shortly thereafter Barry Vaughan added to our number, only to be
followed by Tom Pearson.  The Red Salamander Zaruga, his artwork and the
cute and not at all annoying Thomas Pratchett were also collected from
the station at around this time.

More drinking happened - although mostly to the Red Salamander.

The conversation ranged far and wide, covering Basque (the language not
the lingerie), Concrete, The Afpchristmas party, Cleavages, Computers,
The Legal System and diverse other subjects.

The delightful Mz Pen entertained the masses with a phone call from
darkest merkia, and was muchly appreciated and admired.  The Welsh end
was held up by Darran, who phoned in his apologies.

More drinking happened - once more, mostly to the Red Salamander.

People drifted away... first Barry, Then TFLA and Thomas and finally all
of us that were left.

Zaruga was introduced to Mince Pies and Brandy Cream, coffee was served,
Tom toyed with Tigger, Zaruga made friends with a crocodile and Jim
kicked Buttmunch back into action.

The fray was re-located to a quiet country pub with real ale and even
realer folk music.  

More drinking happened.... to?  well that should be obvious by now

Song were sung, choruses were chorused, conversations were conversed. 
Until eventually food was thought of and we wended our weary ways back
to Ipswich.

The evening wound to a close by Tom missing the last train, (courtesy of
Tap), Zaruga having his head stroked, salad being eaten and everyone
falling asleep.

Oh yes, Zaruga *didn't* wake up with a hangover. Splitter!

And now it is time to draw a veil over our sleepy friends and end this
tale - all that remains is the quote file....which I'm sure will be
added to by those who took notes at the time:-

I don't mind paying to see people humilate themselves...... Tom

I'm cute aren't I....... Zaruga

I got chased at 60 mph by a desk ................ TFLA

*VOM* ............ Tap's T-shirt

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