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From: Mike Knell <mpk@Cs.Nott.AC.UK>
Subject: [ANNOUNCE][F] Warwick(UK) meet for Zaruga 20/12/97
Date: 25 Nov 1997 17:24:17 -0000
Message-ID: <>


Hi ho,

Let it be known that in recognition of the visit of one "R. Salamander
Zaruga, Esq.", there will be an AFP Warwick meet, to be known as 
"Warwick-2.0", held on SATURDAY, the TWENTIETH OF DECEMBER 1997. A
special guest appearance by the famous Marina Strinkovsky is also
possible, but cannot be confirmed at the time of writing. The 
location (as warwick meets tend to be) will actually be in Leamington, 
but in a different and quieter (it's relative) pub to the last one. 
The venue is the Benjamin Satchwell, aka the huge JD Wetherspoons 
cave on the Parade (down past the Regent Street crossroads, and 
convenient for Burger Thing..), 'cause it does food and has no piped 
music. And JDW have risen slightly in my esteem since they started 
using lined glasses. Anyway. In summary:

The meet: Warwick-2.0
The date: 20 December 1997
The time: 7pm onwards
The location: Benjamin Satchwell

- From the A46 (if you're coming from the M40, leave at the Warwick exit and
take the A46 northbound signed Kenilworth/Coventry):
Leave the A46 at the exit signposted A452 (probably signed Leamington or
Kenilworth, I can never remember). Follow signs to Leamington, for a couple
of miles going over a roundabout or two in the process, and you'll
eventually come to a sign welcoming you to Leamington (as if...)

Keep going straight on (you should now be on the Kenilworth Road)
until you can't go any further (T-junction). This is Clarendon
Avenue. Turn right, then left down the Parade (big shopping street)
and over the first two sets of lights (Warwick Street and Regent
Street). You'll see the pub on the right.  However, it's unlikely
you'll be able to park anywhere near it. To get to the car-park, keep
going down the Parade until you come to a mini-roundabout (this is the
next right, IIRC), at which point you want to turn right into Dormer
Place. You'll have the Pump Room Gardens on your left, and there's
either a big multi-storey up there (not sure when it closes) or if you
take the first right (Bedford Street, IIRC [1]) there's a smaller 
pay and display. The Satchwell has a back entrance from Bedford St.

Any problems/virtual attendance, I can be reached on (0973) 635384.

Drop me a note if you're thinking of turning up.. reminds me not to bother
going if it's apparent noone's going to appear. But who'd *ever* pass
up the prospect of meeting Marina?


[1] Being a native, I can never remember the street names. It's always
    "Oh, you know, that one which goes up the back of that shop which
    used to sell stationery and stuff, but closed in 1978.." and such.

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