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Warwick 2.0: Report

From: (Robert Collier)
Subject: [F] Warwick 3.0 Report
Date: Mon, 22 Dec 1997 09:49:18 GMT
Message-ID: <>

Warwick 3.0 meet report

Warwick 3.0 Occurred on or about the 20th of December 1997 in the
Benjamin Satchwell pub, Leaming ton Spa.

Attending were:

 	Rob Collier
 	Mike Knell
 	Adam Jones
 	Thomas Down
 	Emily Down

The warwick 3.0 meet started for me at 4:30 when I arrived in Leaminton
to do some christmas shopping.  A call to mpk at 5:30 revealed that he
had only just got up - lazy bugger ;-)

The meet proper informally started at about 6 when I bumped into Zaruga
outside the pub and we decided to get down to some drinking :). The
Psion was produced and this report started. We were joined at 10 past 7
by Adam, Thomas and Emily - and reclamation of a larger table occurred.
Mike turned up (hung over) at quarter past.  Shortly followed by Simes
and Darrell.

A round of non-alcoholic drinks was ordered(!) and TRSZ and Simes arm
wrestled (Simes won).  More food happened at this point. Mikes friend
Nick was spotted wandering through the pub and Mike gave chase and
dragged him back to the meet.

In the meantime we who remained investigated the magnificent collection
of books lining the walls of the pub. Highlights included:  

  8 copies of "Oil Notes", described as "full of fascinating information

  and vigourous life..."  

  "A frost on my frolic"

  and that old favourite "tax guide 1989-90"

Then a period of wearing silly hats and taking photos was entered

<DEO>Rob's bag was seen to be suspicious and checked to see if any
illicit drugs remained. Sadly Rob had taken them all already. Explains a
lot, really...  

All I'm wondering is why of all those present, Rob's *bag* was deemed
the most suspicious. I'd've thought there were far more likely

Perhaps at this point it should be mentioned that Emily brought some
mistletoe with her and spent quite a while holding it over people.
(Un?)Luckily YHN was able to avoid this.

A sweepstake was held as to when/if Bryan and Marina would arrive, with
the 10:45->11:00 timeslot being the most popular.  The xmas number one
was discussed and the teletubies were deemed the most likely to achieve
this 'exulted' status...  Then Bryan and Marina astounded everyone by
arriving before 10pm! Much huggage ensued.

We were also joined by Claire and Nomi (Friends of Mikes). Z was unable
to resist showing them his portfolio, before giving Simes a neckrub.

Phonehenge was re-formed to the amazement of all concerned.

Then Marina picked a book off of the shelf ("then come kiss me"), turned
to the first page, and read the first word ... "Marina" :) - she then
*boggled* slightly. <Marina>not slightly - very bloody much</Marina>. 

After the pub closed *everyone* went and had "a nice up of tea" in
Burger King.


I'd say something amusing but I used up my sense of humour in the last 2
weeks. - TRSZ

..and now you can put it away please Darrell - mpk.

Why are those two young men down there staring at me like I was from
another planet? - Marina re. Adam and Thomas

Oh, I'm getting uncomfortable in this position... - Marina.
Robert Collier  (,

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