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Coventry 1.0: Report

From: (Gid Holyoake)
Subject: [F] Meet report for Coventry 1.0???
Date: Sun, 15 Feb 1998 14:35:55 -0000
Message-ID: <>

Here be a small meet report for AFPCoventry... hereby also known as 
AFPcarpark1.0, AFPcarpark2.0, AFPcarpark3.0 <giggle> and AFPWarwick?.? 
(not sure what the last AFPWarwick was...)

We turned up at Frugal's, only to find that he wasn't there (good start 
we thought!... he must have left already) so we parked the car and 
wandered off to find a phone box (and a taxi)...

On arrival at the Farmhouse (the designated AFPmeet venue)... it was 
discovered to be closed for refurbishments... so the taxi took us around 
to the carpark at the back, whereupon we discovered Frugal and Selina, 
and so we bade farewell to our chauffeur for evening the first part, and 
commenced AFPcarpark1.0... about 5 minutes later the only other 
confirmed attendee turned up (Mike Knell), and we decided we would head 
up the road to the Harvester, to try and find some sustenance.

We merrily trundled convoy fashion until we reached the Harvester, and 
AFPcarpark2.0... as on wandering into the Harvester we were greeted by 
"You want a *table*, on *Valentine's Night* and you haven't 
*booked*!"... and I'd swear she was inwardly grinning as we left. She 
did, however, suggest we try a place just down the road (which began 
with a B but we can't remember what), wherein, she assured us, we would 
find a place that probably did some food and drink. So... back into the 
cars, and follow the signs to the new location... only to find at the 
next major roundabout the place no longer appeared on any of the signs 
anymore! (Maybe it was in the middle of the roundabout?)... So Frugal 
took an executive decision, and we headed off to Warwick (having already 
teased Mike with the idea that we may end up there!). 

And so... to AFPcarpark3.0 at Warwick uni! (and Mike *had* thought 
Frugal was joking!)... and thence onwards into the "Airport Lounge" in 
the Uni, whereupon the meet proper commenced, and much (well, by us two 
anyway) was drunk... (not the other three as they were driving) and 
chips, burgers and pizzas were eaten.

Topics of discussion:
Geekiness in abundance...
Possibilities of disguising Gid as a student (even a mature one!)...
Worky things in general...
Relationships (well, it was Feb 14th)...
Frugal's housemoving and related issues...
More about Lusers...
The future Nottingham meet...
What should this meet be called?... (and if it was now officially a 
Warwick meet, should the next Warwick meet really be a Leamington meet?)
What the drinking game at the next table was... and whether they 
*really* needed to make that much noise about it!...
And probably lots of other stuff too, which we can't remember right now!

Many thanks to Frugal for organdising all ?5? meets <giggle>, and for 
letting us kip the night!

Gid & Suzi
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