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Cambridge Mini-meet: Report

From: Jon Amery <>
Subject: CamMiniMeet Report [F]?
Date: 11 Mar 1998 00:06:00 -0000
Message-ID: <6e4kh8$ja8$>

 Right well; what happened?

 Well, we meet in Lindsay Endell's office in college at about 1pm, where
we were ambushed by someone actually wanting to see Linz for a
work-related reason!

 There were five of us there, and I might actually be able to remember
some of the names.  No.  Well, I was there and Linz was and there was
someone from Fitz - Ben something I think and, well ask someone else; I'm
no good with names...

 Well, we went to the sandwich shop on Rose Crescent to get lunch, and
then went down to the backs area of Trinity Hall to eat it.  

 Only to find that the ever-growing building site that will be our new
library (hopefully) had encroached over the entire riverfront bit.

 So, feeling a bit hungry we went out of college and sat on a bit of grass
near Queens Road and ate our lunch their, being distracted at one point by
a bunch of noisy football fans...

 We discussed a number of things, some of which I might be able to

 Pratchett Annotations.
 "Uberwald Nights".
 Lots of funny bits of the books - like BSJohnson.
 Pterry's changing writing style.
 When we started reading Pterry.

 I think that's about it.

 Oh, and I got lumped with writing this :-).


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