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From: Peter Ellis <>
Subject: [ANNOUNCE] [F] AFPCam ?4.0? Early planning stages, feedback welcome.
Date: 2 Feb 1998 11:29:58 -0000
Message-ID: <>


Due to my absolute inability to leave Cambridge during the term time to
attend meets, I have decided that we need another AFPCam.

Since nobody else is organdising one, I hereby appoint myself
Dictator-In-Chief for the duration.

I'd like to pick a date well in advance -- this should give people time
to plan diaries around it rather than vice versa (I've done one of these
before and know that trying to find a date when you're all free is worse
than Librarian-wrestling)

Anyway, does anyone have any objection to Sat. 14th of March?  Why?
What did it ever do to you?

If this is impossible, the 13th is also a possibility.

These are probably the best dates for current undergraduates -- since
it's just after Full Term, work should have finished by then; but we
don't have to leave till the 15th or so, usually.

Anyway, if anybody has any catastrophic objections to the above dates,
mail me and I'll be all upset and start cursing Fate.

If not, I hereby propose a meet (on one of the above dates)

Time:  TBA
Place: TBA
Activity:  TBA

Who would like to meet for a meal and then go to a pub, who would rather
just meet in the pub and who doesn't care?

Tentative proposal:  A group to meet at 7 for 7:30 eats.  Non-eaters to
congregate in a pub, to be joined by the eaters as and when.

All suggestions for venues will be listened to with enthusiasm -- anyone
saying "Gardy's" will be shot.  Also, anyone offering crash space,
assistance with organdising or large amounts of money will be greeted
with open arms.

Rule no. 7.05 beta:  The Dictator's word is final.

I'll post full details once I've had some feedback from you lovely lot.

Peter Ellis

Version: 2.6.3ia
Charset: noconv


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From: Peter Ellis <>
Subject: [ANNOUNCE] [F] AFPCam(UK) on March 14th.
Date: 24 Feb 1998 11:55:17 -0000
Message-ID: <>


Well, having received various feedback about the proposed Event, I am
now in a position to release The Final Details (TM)

Time:     7pm onwards.

Place:    The Ancient Druids. [1]

Clothes:  Yes.

Plan:     Meet in pub -- curry as and when, probably later rather than 
          sooner, so bring something chocolate-coated to keep your 
          strength up.  Apparently the Druids has food as well, so we 
          should be able to stave off the pangs until curry time.

Password: Can't tell you; it's a secret.

Crashspace exists but only in limited quantities...

Participants will be required to bring at least one of the following:

Chocolate-coated substances [2]
Glove puppets
Silly hats
Psion or equivalent

Anyone who does *not* bring at least one of the above will be cabbaged,
as long as someone remembers to bring a cabbage, that is...

Looking forward to seeing you all there!

Please email me to confirm if you will be coming; again, offers of
crash-space, money or undying adoration would be welcome.

The Throng So Far:

LNR (are you bringing any more oxonians?)
Gid 'n' Suzi
Tim Parsons
Selina Lock

Any others?  Gotterdamerell?  Bellinghpeople?  Lemming?  Small creatures
from Alpha Centauri?  Please -- all are welcome!

Peter Ellis

[1]  The official ASCII Mappe for getting to the Druids runs thusly:
             North  _

                    //     |Magdalane     |         Cam
                   //John's|              |           \============
               /==//    ---+              |     Midsummer Common
              //       /   |        Jesus |                          |
             //Trinity/    +-Jesus-Lane---O-------------+------------O
            //       /     |             /|             |           /
                    /   Sidney          / |             |* Druids
                    |      St   King-St/  |           (on Napier Street)
                    |      |   /          |
               +----+      |  Hobson      |               /\
             TH|Caius      |  / St                       /||\
               |    |      | /                          / || \
               +----+      |/Christ's                  /  ||  \
               |           |                              ||
                        St Andrews                        ||
                           St                             ||

Don't know how much help this is, but your best bet if you don't know
the place is to get to the Grafton Centre and then ask -- it's about 1
minute's walk from there...

[2]  Out of the goodness of my heart, I shall be offering a pint-shaped
prize for the best Chocolate-coated goodies.  Inanimate goodies, I
hasten to add, lest some strange-minded person decides to coat
*themselves*.....  So far, I think the afpdirectory of CC comestibles
includes raisins, nuts, grapes, coffee beans and garlic.  This list
obviously needs extending -- anyone up to coating a cabbage?  <g,d,&r>

Version: 2.6.3ia
Charset: noconv


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 All submissions are PGP signed. For Mike's key, finger
           before submitting articles to afp.announce. Thanks!

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