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From: Alex the Eternally Harassed <>
Subject: [ANNOUNCE] [F] Pre-Nottingham Meet in London 3/4/98 (4/3/98 for Merkins)
Date: 23 Feb 1998 16:47:25 -0000
Message-ID: <>


In order to celebrate the fact that one Annika Larsson (aka george) will be
arriving in London on Friday 3 April 1998 and staying for One Night Only
before heading off to Nottingham for the Main Event...

Anyway, down to details:

The Place:	The George Public House, Hammersmith (strangely appropriate..)
The Time:	7:00pm onwards.

How to get there:

The pub is situated right on the Hammersmith Roundabout (better known as
Hammersmith Broadway), opposite the main entrance to the Tube and Bus

If you are travelling by tube, take either the Picadilly, District or
Hammersmith & City lines to Hammersmith.  

- From the District, Picadilly or Bus stations, exit the station into the
shopping arcade and find the main exit.  You should be able to see the pub
opposite you from the exit and all you'll then have to do is cross the road...

They have sneakily put the Hammersmith & City line station in a different
place, so if you are using this line, come out of the main entrance and turn
left.  The pub is just on your left (between the kebab shop and Lloyds Bank).

The pub does do reasonable food if anyone wants to eat..

Well, that's it.


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round here, my lad"

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From: Alex the Eternally Harassed <>
Subject: [ANNOUNCE] [F] Georgemeet this Friday in London (3/4/98)
Date: 1 Apr 1998 17:28:17 +0100
Message-ID: <>


Hi folks,

There's a small bit of a change of plan to the meet.  It is as follows:

7:30pm  Meet at 'The George' Public House in Hammersmith.
10:30pm Head back towards my flat via an off-license
11:00pm Arrive at my flat to watch Monty Python's "Life of Brian"
12:30am Finish filling the 20p pot.


By Car via Shepherds Bush (probably via the A40)

Get to Shepherds Bush roundabout (it has a funny water tower thingie on it).
Turn right onto Shepherds Bush Green, follow the road round past the Esso
petrol station and get into the left lane to turn down Shepherds Bush Road at
the traffic lights.

Follow SBR and take about the 3rd right.  This is opposite a pub called the
Richmond (on your left) and the road should be called 'Melrose Gardens' which
is on your right.

If you're planning on arriving before 7:15pm or so, come to 2 Melrose Gardens
and ring the bottom bell.  Later than that then leave the car, come back out
onto Shepherds Bush Road, turn right and follow it to Hammersmith.  It should
take about 10 mins.

Once you get to the roundabout at Hammersmith, turn right and the George is
just there on your right. (it's on the roundabout)

By Car via Hammersmith (probably via the A4/M4):

Come off at Hammersmith Broadway (roundabout).  Fight through the traffic and
turn off onto Shepherds Bush Road (signposted Shepherds Bush).

Follow this road down until you see a pub called the Richmond on your right.

Turn into Melrose Gardens and park.  Follow the rest of the instructions

By Public Transport:

Find your way to an underground station which is on the District, Picadilly or
Hammersmith & City lines.  Go to Hammersmith.

Get off.  If you're on the District or Picadilly lines, come out of the
station, turn right into the indoor shopping arcade and follow it to the
street.  You are now right in the middle of Hammersmith Roundabout.  Look
across the road and you should see the George next to Lloyds Bank (and the
Hammersmith and City Line station).  Cross the road *carefully*  :)

- From the H&C line station, leave via the main exit and turn left.  The George
is just round the corner.

If you get lost, my mobile number is 0976 762099 and my work number is 0181
987 4500 (I won't be there on Friday at all, though).

Have fun.


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