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Nottingham 4.0: Announce

From: The Funky Love Aardvark <>
Subject: [ANNOUNCE] [F] Nottingham. April the 4th
Date: 23 Jan 1998 14:02:37 -0000
Message-ID: <>

[of course we all know graham, don't we? --mpk]


This is a pre-announce, announcement :-)

Hi there. You probably do not know me.

I am a very Lurking lurker, but enough about me

I am trying to organise a meet for the above date, location to be set. I am
open to suggestions.

Anyway, intrested persons, please email me at (notice
this is not my usual address, reply to has been set, but...)

Limited crash space is available, and more may be found. please let me know
if you need such things

Thank you for the time you took to read this information :)

The Fat Aardvark
The Funly Love Aardvark

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From: The Funky Love Aardvark <>
Subject: [ANNOUNCE] [F] Nottingham 4.0 April the 4th 1998 - Official
Date: 16 Mar 1998 17:29:17 -0000
Message-ID: <>

[this one is 4.0, isn't it? --mpk]


Ok it seems that it is official - Nottingham April 4th is ON!

It will be at the Victoria Hotel in Beeston at 7pm, details on finding it
follow at the end

If you need any more info, please email me

Time 7pm - till late

Food, in pub

Crash space, at my place now full, however there is other space available -
mail for details

It is a BIG meet, international in flavour - be there, or ... well miss it

How to get there - Taken from the Nottingham 1.0 announce (november 1996!)
(Thanks mpk)

How to get there
By train:
Take the train to Beeston. Walk out of the front of the station, and head
towards the centre of Beeston. Turn left down the second substantial street
you get to, which is Grove Street. Turn left at the end. You'll come across
the Victoria fairly soonish -- basically, you can't miss it. It's actually
right next to the station, but there's no gate from the platform straight
into the pub yard, unfortunately..

By road:

I'm assuming you're coming from the M1. If not, you'll need to find your own
way to the west end of Nottingham and the A52 (otherwise known as the Derby
Road).  Leave the M1 at the A52 junction, which IIRC is junction 25. It's
signposted (IIRC, again *grin*) Nottingham if you're coming from the North,
and "Nottingham North" if you're coming from the South.  Follow signs
towards Nottingham, and keep going over two roundabouts until you're on a
wide, three-lane road with a 40 limit and running through a built-up area,
which becomes the Derby Road. After about a mile, you'll see a turning off
to the right signposted for Beeston -- the B6006, Wollaton Road. There's a
filter lane, and a filter arrow on the lights. (If you get to a big
roundabout next to the "Priory" restaurant, and with shops on the left,
you've gone too far -- spin round the roundabout, then the Wollaton Road
will be approx. the third on the left). Follow this road around and keep
going -- you'll pass through the centre of Beeston (a pair of pedestrian
crossings with pedestrian precincts on both sides) and pass the fire station
and the multi-storey on the right. Keep going. When you get to a major
crossroads with the Queens Road and traffic lights (these are, I think, the
*second* set of lights after the centre), keep straight on towards the
station, then turn first right. If you go over the flyover, you've gone too
far! Follow the road and turn left at the next T-junction, and you'll see
the Victoria in front of you. Park where you can...

If you get hopelessly lost,once in Beeston most people should know the way
to the station (which the Victoria is near) so you could ask a friendly

By air:
Fly to East Midlands airport. Get in a taxi. Say, "Take me to the Victoria,
in Beeston, please". You can obviously afford to do this if you're flying in
specially for a meet..

Other notes:
Oh, the pub is fairly large and rambling -- there are several rooms on the
ground floor. You'll have to look around if you don't find us at first..

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