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Norwich Guards!Guards! Meet: Report

From: * (Maurice Barnes)
Subject: [F] Norwich Meet Report.
Date: Tue, 14 Apr 1998 18:14:05 GMT
Message-ID: <6h091c$gvc$>

This is the first time I've done this, so please be patient.

"Through rain and wind,
through hail and sleet.
We made it to the Norwich Meet."

On Saturday, a group gathered in the foyer of the Norwich Theatre
Royal.   Cautiously observed by those oblivious to their intention, to
watch the production of Guards! Guards! starring Paul Darrow.

Those present included:

Darren (org.)
Maurice (myself)
Carol (with posse)

Plus another couple (so sorry, didn't get introduced). 

Various members of the group gathered in the press bar (is this some
sort of polite crush bar?) and imbibed whatever liquid they thought
they could retain until the interval.  Loriba then "took charge" and
led us all in a crocodile to our seats which we found had been
installed before the invention of lower limbs.

The performance began and so as not to give anything away for those
who have yet to see it I wil mention nothing more execpt to urge those
who are in two minds as to see it then to do so (and to switch off
their bleepers, 'phones, psions and whatever else).

Post performance there was numerous shuffling of cars as people
vacated short satay car parks and we then trooped through Norwich to
find a suitable place to eat and drink.  Pizza Hut was packed and so
we ventured forth into one of the many local pubs (can't remember it's
name).    Pints of 6X were consumed, the chocolate that dare not speak
it's name was tasteted.  Carol (?) passed round some interesting books
on courtship and mating (though I didn't get to see that one) and
pictures of previous meets were perused.

We then moved on to Pizza One Pankake Too! and managed to get seating
for thirteen:

Waitress: "Table for two?"
(Everyone else piles in)
Loriba: "Nooo.  Thirteen"

After a half hour wait in the bar next door and several conversations,
one of which I'm sure was about really tasteless music we finally
managed to get fed.

After a good meal and a beer (for those old enough) the meet
bifurcated to Carol's and Loriba's.

And after watching the Princess Bride (is that for real or what?) and
most of the crowd falling asleep after the Universe song in The
Meaning of Life the meet was called to a halt due to exhaustion at
around 1.00am.

Please feel free to add to this, I know I've missed loads out but
thats because I'm not feeling particularly imaginative or witty at the
moment but just wanted to post SOMETHING.

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