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From: Carol <>
Subject: [F] Ipswich Meet
Date: Mon, 23 Mar 1998 22:13:53 +0000
Message-ID: <>


In a recent moment of insanity it was suggested that another Ipswich AFP
meet might be in order, this gives me the chance to ply even more people
with weird chocolate things - many of which are actually edible.

So, if you think your stomach is up to the challenge - or if you just
want to see the faces of those who do, come and join us in the Black
Adder on the night of May 23rd.

It would help if you mailed me to let me know you were coming....


Carol Willis          

From: Carol <>
Subject: [ANNOUNCE][F] Ipswich Meet - 23/5/98
Date: Tue, 12 May 1998 17:52:47 +0100
Message-ID: <>


Now that the chocolate thing has happened it is time for me to turn my
attentions to the Ipswich Meet (it's at least 3.0 but I'm not sure
exactly what issue this one is)

This meet will take place on the evening of Saturday 23rd May in the
Black Adder public houce, located in St Peter's Street, Ipswich.  I
have reserved the upstairs rooms so we can be as silly as we like
without having to bribe the regulars with chocolate.

As a special feature, this meet will be the first ever non-signing
session, please bring any of your Pratchett books that you do not wish
to have signed along with you, I think we can safely guarantee that
the great and good Mr Ty Pilchard will not be turning up to sign them.

Also you could try bringing along chocolate, cuddly toys, cameras,
humerously shaped vegetables (with or without chocolate coating) and
any other weird stuff you happen to have handy.

Incidentally, since this is taking place in the private upstairs area
children will be allowed in.

Please let me know if you'll be coming along ( We
can offer floor space to a few overnight visitors although it'll
probably be 'cosy' if any more people want to stay over.

As if all this wasn't enough..... those of you who feel up to lots of
travelling could then treck on over to Oxford for the signing on the
Sunday - it's only an hour or two to get there.... or you could join
us (and many of the pagan denizens of Ipswich) for a picnic at Butley
Corner followed by the folk night at the Butley Oyster.  And you still
have the whole of the next day (bank holiday monday) to recover!


- -- 
Carol Willis          

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