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Oxford 3.141592654: Report

From: (LNR)
Subject: [F] Oxford 3.141592654 meet report
Date: 21 Jun 1998 19:38:45 +0100 (BST)
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Thomas, as keeper of at least some quotes, promised to write a meet
report, but since if he has it hasn't reached me yet I thought I'd write
one myself.

Myself, rjk, Peter Ellis and Tony Finch could almost have been
considered a mini-meet in ourselves as we got on the coach in Cambridge
at 17:10 in order to get to the meet. On the way we were amused and
bemused by a voluble young man who thankfully got off at Bedford. He
seemed nice enough but boy could he talk. *I* was further amused as the
other three all appeared to fall asleep. rjk appeared to be being amused
by my copy of TLC.

As we arrived and staggered off the coach we were met by a message on
Tony's mobile telling us that Kitten was at the pub and asking where we
were. As we arrived we were met at the door by Sarah Sherlock, who
recognised me from the last time we'd met by the fact that I'd decided
to wear pigtails again. Kitten, Tabbycat, Simes and J were already
there, though J seemed mildly amused that no-one recognised him when he
introduced himself as John.

Mike rang to say he was lost, a case of following the "left" on the
directions rather than the "Catte Street" when the two turned out to be
contradictory, eventually we managed to steer him back in the right
direction. He proceeded to sulk a little, then some more when he was
handed a birthday card that accused him of bing old. The cuddly frog
(which according to the one true relative (who had arrived while I was
off trying to find Mike) sounded more like a mobile phone than a frog)
seemed to cheer him up. 

Other people arrived, including (in no particular order) Jo and Warwick,
Rob the ergonomist and Selina, Chris/Ranma, Nick Caulfield (sp?) and
possibly some more who I may have forgotten. This seems to take the
total up to 16, quite small for an Oxford meet by recent standards I

The usual stuff was talked about, chocolate covered cherries and
strawberries were consumed and deemed delicious, the chocolate covered 5 
1/4 inch disk wasn't however, and nor were the CCCBs due to having 
melted in their packet. According to Whittards who sell them this is
actually a common problem, which is why they discontinue them in July.

Chris, Simes, Kitten, Tabbycat, and Sarah all had to leave early, the
rest of us wandered off towards G&D's when the pub shut. En route we
bumped into Ben Hutchings, who joined the throng, had a complete stranger
try join in too but be dragged off by a friend (we obviously looked like
we were having fun) and made various pauses for banks and public
loos. Hannah also joined the party, being a non-afper herself but the
girlfriend of a lurker who hadn't made it because he was too busy
watching bad horror films (Shame on you Tom).

Icecream was consumed by some, and food from the Kebab van was consumed
by others, then we headed back to my place, where I attempted to find
enough room and drinking receptacles for everybody. Many songs were sung,
photos taken and fines levied - up to a grand total of 4 pounds fifty, 
which I think Thomas took with him on the principle he knew who
to give them to.

Jo, Warwick, Rob and Selina took a taxi to their crash space, I hope
they found the key so they could get in, many thanks to Lanfear for
offering it despite the fact she herself was in Bradford. Ben and J
finally left at about three, allowing myself, rjk, Tony, Peter and
Thomas to finally get some sleep. For some reason Thomas chose to do
this under my desk, but who was I to stop him.

They didn't look very happy when I woke them up in the morning and made
them help me pack :-) 

Thanks for a great send-off folks - it was fun! And here's looking
forward to me being able to organise meets in Cambridge in the not too
distant future.

Tony Finch,
Peter Ellis,
Sarah Sherlock,
J (aka John) Barberio,
Ben Hutchings,
and Hannah

Quotes: Ask PThomas.

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