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From: "The Lone Scytheman" <>
Subject: [F] Gloucester Non-meet 4th July
Date: Sun, 5 Jul 1998 00:22:49 +0100
Message-ID: <6nmdl4$n4q$>

It was a bloody disaster.

Meet didn't start at 8pm.
The Lone Scytheman And Mad Mel arrived at 8:06pm, at elfin's house.
They brought a varied selection of coffees and two percolators.

We all waited until 9:15 to see if anyone else would arrive.  They didn't!

So we buggered off down the pub and played bar billiards and pool.

Thats it really.......

Things discussed.....

Monty Python (obviously).
Bees and how to excite them.
Types of coffee and whether putting milk in it makes you a heretic.
Interesting peanut-butter combinations.
Monopoly and Mel's collection of different boards.
The Scytheman's picture with Pterry (his claim to fame).
Pterry not coming due to being in Oz
Jim Davidson (in the car to the pub).
Quaintness of the community centre where we went.
Mad Mel's complete lack of ability to hit one ball with another.
elfin and cyber sex (or how it works!!)
The Scytheman's resemblance to a certain camel.
Rocky Frisco.
Lecherous old gits.
Cheapness of beer at The Commy
Lack of girlies for elfin.
Everybody loves Mad Mel, because we can't kill her (but we'd love to
try!)<g,d & vf>.
How to cause a shit-alanche (no loud noises).
The smell from The Scytheman's tracky top.
Mad Mel and the kettle not fitting.
Coffee anyone?
Coffee ads.
Amount of sugar & whether sugar should be mixed with good coffee.

Quote file too large to post..........!!

The Lone Scytheman
AFPartner to The Lone Lunatic


Mad Mel

Who came back to my place for more coffee and to write this report.

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