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InstaMeet 2.0 - Wimbledon: Announce

From: "Darran D. Rimron" <>
Subject: [ANNOUNCE] [F] InstantMeet2.0 (Wimbledon)
Date: 15 Jul 1998 18:01:23 +0100
Message-ID: <6oin93$qb$>

IRC, the first was Mornington Cresent, this is the second. Announced and 
held the same day....

Right ho, last minute things, Annika over from sweden, in the south of the 
UK for about 20 seconds, we need a meet.

I think Wombledown, anyone protest.... no, good, here we go.

(Once upon a time nkh typed this, so I stole it)

Place: Bertie's Bar, Wimbledon.
Transport: Tube to Wimbledon, Exit the tube via the Centre Courts (shops) 
exit. In front of you is a traffic junction with traffic lights, opposite 
is The Prince of Wales pub. If you cross the junction to the Prince of Wales 
and follow the pub around into Hartfield Road (there should be a big white 
office block on your right) until you see an little archway... therein lies 
Bertie's. If you come across Burger King, you went the wrong way around the 
pub. If you leave the tube by the other exit, cross the road so that you are 
on the same side as Next and WHSmiths. Go left, towards The Prince of Wales, 
cross the road so as you are standing in front of the pub. Turn right and 
follow the pub around until you find the archway containing Bertie's.

That's it, coming, no, fine, then stuff you....

	-TTFN, Dx
- -- 
Darran D. Rimron
Guinea Pig Conspiracy
Wibblers Unite
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