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From: "" <>
Subject: [ANNOUNCE][F] 19980801  is Dublin 6.0 - The Gathering
Date: Sat, 11 Jul 1998 09:05:25 +0100
Message-ID: <>


[Apple Oagies to Mr Cunningham for the mangling of his forename (I hate
8-bit!), and to Mr Bryant for making his effort at looking good with a
keyboard all for naught...  *g*     --Tap]

Oh hear ye, oh hear ye

Let it be known that there is an announcement to be made, and it is i
must make it, for it is i who can.  I Bryan, here in the City of the
Ever-Drunken Ones, invisible to those you save for those who regularly
go into pubs, i call you unto the Porterhouse in Dublin's
world-reknowned Temple Bar.

And Lo!  There shall be drinking of local beverages and a comedy band,
and tables shall be reserved.

The Meet is due to begin at 8:30pm BST

Following this, Victuals shall be consumed at lodge of Mr Eddie 
Rocket that we might sample his, er, different fare.

Following this, we shall be repairing to the abodes of local 
residents, including your humble and Mr Donal Cunningham, a geek of
prodigious size and possibly Mr Colm Buckley, a geek of prodigious
taste and knowledge of whiskey.

Crashspace is limited but available.  Should you wish to reserve the
same, it is suggested that you do so *very* quickly either by emailing
me at or at or by
telephone on +353 872 470 474.

And may Kallisti smile on you all

- -- 

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