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Norfolk 1.0: Report

From: Barry_R@Compuserve.commie (Barry R)
Subject: [F] Norfolk 0.9b Meet Report (LONG)
Date: Mon, 03 Aug 1998 19:32:48 GMT
Message-ID: <>

Now the meet report. 

The first "meet" as such, took place on the Friday, when Barry R and
PThomas met Gid'n'Suzi, and travelled up to Norfolk early in order to
add to the Gid pub guide. 

During the journey many thing were discussed ranging from the stealing
of Roadside signs for their scrap value and the Camra Beer festival,
to the TV progs. Chocky, and Red Dwarf, with particular comment on how
series 7 was "not too good".

Arriving at Darren's at about 8:30ish, we were greeted by two
affectionate doggies[2], and queries on how Pthomas & Barry R BOTH
managed to fit in the back of a Capri? Darren then introduced us to
his mum Wendy, and Mike, her significant other. 

At precisely about 9ish we adjourned to the Eel's foot inn, ostensibly
to meet Loriba, but really in order to consume alcohol. Lottie
arrived, and Suzi and Pthomas found an arkanoid game,[3] while Barry
remarked on the fact that he couldn't see a guinness tap. 

Talk began to flow, and soon conversation turned to alcohol, (Gid
regaled us with a funny drinking story about him and a friend), and
the red dwarf outtakes, (Gid regaled us with a funny story about the
time a stage manger friend managed to leave his headset mic switched
on whilst an explosion was being set off right next to him), and this
led to a discussion on the rather strange things apprentices are sent
in practical jokery.[5]

Eventually, when the pub called time, we returned to our cars, and set
off for the house, except for Lottie who said she would rejoin us
tomorrow. After arriving at Darren's, the computer was booted up, and
various music pieces were played. [6] The group then decided to go
onto #AFP [7] and much fun was had by all, including two people who
managed to join in geeking over tranformers (robots in disguise).

The group eventually made their way to their respective sleeping
areas, and went to sleep.[8]


The day began rather cold. 

The majority of the afp'ers were up by 10:30 and breakfast was served.
Breakfast consisted of Croissants, pancakes, orange juice, tea, and
the music (sic) of Robson and Jerome.

After breakfast Suzi adjourned to the supermarket accompanied by
Pthomas and Barry, whilst Darren travelled to the train station to
provide lifts for various AFP'ers requiring them.

Upon their return from the supermarket, Suzi ,Pthomas and Barry were
greeted with hugs from Selina, and Peter. Shopping was unloaded, drink
were opened, and the setting up of munchies commenced. While the food
was being arranged, Tap, Carol, Dale and Vicci arrived bringing with
them, among other things, a luv and jellybabies flan. 

After the food had been set up, a small group congregated around
Suzi's car. Suzi scared Carol with a comment that Barry couldn't be a
true geek as he had been up at 7:30 in order to exercise, and the
group began discussing AFPrelations. Carol and Barry then proposed to
each other, while Tap proposed to Peter, who in turn proposed to
Selina. All proposals were accepted, and it was worked out that
everyone in afp is now related, in most cases to themselves. 

During the day, the electric piano in the dining area had seen many
attempts to play it, one of which was the wombling song, as played by
Barry. This turned out to be a cunning move, as it distracted Vicci,
who spent some time learning how to play it. [9]

The day wound on, more drinks were consumed, the BBQ was set up, and
food was bur^H^H^Hcooked. Along with the usual flame cindered burgers
and sossies there were such delicacies  as sausage kebabs (onna
stick), Cajun chops, spicy pork chops, and spicy chicken, not to
mention lightly smoked Barry, and singed Darren.

The food was consumed with every sign of enjoyment, and once everyone
had had their fill[10] the remaining food was returned to the freezer.
Due to the fact that a "bit" too much food was brought, Darren will
now be having BBQ meals for the next month. ;)

As the night drew in, almost all ventured back inside and music was
played. A session of AFPKaraoke began, Maurice produced 2 bottles of
alcohol containing mostly apples, which was sampled,  and given a
rating of "wow",  and once again #AFP was visited. [11] After a while
some AFP'ers removed themselves outside, and then proceeded to engage
in a spot of stargazing.

Gid then became a dating agency. While teaching a few people how to
mimic the call of a female barn owl, a nearby male was attracted to
the calls. When a nearby female started calling in contest, the male
went to meet her. *aaahhhh*

The stargazers eventually retired inside and, at about 2ish, some
people retired to bed, while the #AFP group continued into the night.


Barry took his first step into becoming a real geek by not getting up
to exercise, so there is no report for anything before 10.30. :)

Most AFP'ers arose later than usual, and were greeted by the sight of
Tap, Carol, Selina, Maurice, and others sitting in the conservatory.

Once all AFP'ers were active, breakfast was prepared. A Great Big
Fry-Up was cooked, and Everyone tucked in.

After breakfast, people returned to the conservatory, and various
topics were discussed, including that favourite subject of old TV
programs.  Especially Kiddie ones. Many pictures were taken of the
many AFPfamily members, and the Temples were discussed. The topic then
turned to childhood accidents involving stining nettles, and good
cures for sunburn. [13]

At about 4ish, people decided to start on their homeward journeys, and
began to set themselves up for the long journey. Many *hugs* were
given and received, and the CAMRA Beer festival was discussed as the
most likely place for one or two of the group to next see one another.

Pthomas and Barry folded themselves into the back of Suzi's Capri
again, and the last sight of the Official Norfolk Meet for this
reporter was his knees, as they were level with his nose. :)

The meet did evolve into Bedford Adhoc1.0. But that's a different
story. (see later Post)

Thanks again to Darren for providing the venue, and an excellent meet.

Personal Thanks from Me, go to 

Maurice, for that bottle of low alcohol apple juice, ;) 
and kicking me in the ribs, 

Tap, for the picture he created in my mind of Gilbert O'Sullivan in
flat cap. (Revenge is Mine), 

Carol, For aggreeing to Marry Me,  

Peter, For not *trout*ing me for my quote.

Suzi for The lift, 

and Gid for, well, just being Gid. :)

Barry R. B.F. The Official Sad Bastard AFPrelated to probably everyone

AFPCode  1.1a  (ten byyzube) (Y&UGZY) (xxxxx. Supporting The Cause)
AC/NL$-UK  d s+:  a- UP++ R+++ F++++ h++ P-(-)  OS:  !C  M- pp--- 
L+++  c++ B++ Cn+: PT+++  Pu31(-)>Pu10 5  X MT++ eV>VVV r%  y-- end
He's scaring me. - Carol, when told about Barry R's morning workout

[2] Sam, and Barney[3]
[3] Who, for some reason, people kept calling Barry. <grrr>
[4] Which turned out to be slightly broken.
[5] Such as a metric adjustable spanner, and a long weight.
[6] A special mention should be made of the fact that Darren has the
theme tune to chorlton and the wheelies in wav format. :)
[7] <Gid> Johanna: *stealthsnuggle* :-)
[8] some of them after chatting until 3am.
[9] Barry was accused of un-corrupting Vicci.
[10] ie. Couldn't stomach any more. :)
[11] Where were you Dublin? 
[12] As I was one of them, and no one made any meet notes, I'm not
sure what happened.
[13] Leading to that gross, slap causing, quote.

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