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From: "DinkiPixie" <>
Subject: [F] Meet notice - well in advance, Telford.
Date: Sun, 31 May 1998 16:19:22 +0100
Message-ID: <6krsj9$gr7$>
Reply-To: "DinkiPixie" <>

It's about time I risked inviting people to a meet. No-one seems to be
very local to me, but if there are any folks able to come to the Town
Park in Telford on Saturday 15th August I plan to be there for a
one-day-after-my-birthday celebratory afpmeet. If I get some tentative
hints that people might dare the wilds of Shropshire, then I'll see
about booking a table in the 'Alice in Wonderland' park for a picnic. It
isn't big or fancy, like Alton Towers or anything but I've heard it's
nice. It's got character statues and swings, that sort of thing. And
there's a lake nearby with swans, and cafes and a pub, sort of thing.

I'll put out some more details a bit nearer the time.
Angela MacKellar

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