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From: (Michael Grant)
Subject: [ANNOUNCE][F] Hogfather - performed outdoors at the Edinburgh Festival
Date: Thu, 06 Aug 1998 21:34:40 +0100
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[Michael, you're right, you did submit it too, but I missed the extra
bit you included over and above Pete's announcement. Mea culpa. Tap]

A long time ago, on a Usenet far, far away, Velvet Jacket Limited scribed:
You know, I could have _sworn_ I posted this before Pete Davies did,
with an afpmeet proposal appended...

> Following the success of its outdoor production of Mort in Edinburgh
> in May, 1997, Velvet Jacket (a newish Edinburgh-based theatre
> production company) is staging an outdoor production of Hogfather.
[snip details -- see original posting for those!]

> The show runs from 7th - 30th August (inclusive), but NOT on 9th,
> 16th, 24th and 27th at 6.15pm.  Tickets are already selling, and I
> would encourage anybody interested to book their tickets as soon as
> possible, either by phoning 0131 226 5138 for credit cards/switch, or
> by writing to Tickets, Velvet JAcket Limited, PO BOX 2308, Edinburgh. 
> EH7 4YD, enclosing name and address, details of which performance they
> wish to attend and how many full price (7) and concession (5) tickets
> they want, together with a cheque, payable to Velvet Jacket Limited
> for the full amount.
> That info. in brief:
> Terry Pratchett's Hogfather
> 6.15pm, Outdoors at Edinburgh College of Art, Lauriston Place - Fringe
> venue 73
> 7th-30th August, not 9th, 16th, 24th, 27th.
> Tickets 7, 5 concession
> By post: Velvet JAcket, PO Box 23084, Edinburgh, EH7 4YD
> By phone: (+44) [0]131 226 5138.
> Any queries may be addressed by e-mail to
> As of 26th July, further information will be available at the Velvet
> JAcket website:

So far, only two people have expressed interest (excluding myself). If
we can get a third, we'll be quorate for an afpmeet. :-)

Of those that have expressed interest, the period 17th-20th / 23rd
August seems to be optimal. If anyone else is interested, please
contact me by email and we can all go together (awww, how nice ;^) ).

                                  Mchl Grnt

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From: Michael Grant <>
Subject: [ANNOUNCE][F] Edinburgh afpmeet / trip to see "Hogfather" at the Fridge^H^H^H^H^H^HFringe
Date: Thu, 13 Aug 1998 21:17:01 +0100
Message-ID: <>


An afpmeet will be held next week along with a trip to see Velvet
Jacket's open air stage production of "Hogfather" at the Edinburgh
Festival Fringe.

By common consensus the meet will take place on Thursday 20th August. 
The play takes place at the Edinburgh College of Art (Fringe venue 73) 
on Lauriston Place at 6.15pm; we'll meet just beforehand and the
afpmeet will continue afterwards. I'll wear my afp T-shirt (again) so
you can identify us if you don't know me already.

Tickets cost 7 pounds (5 pounds concessions) and are available from
the Festival Box Office or direct from Velvet Jacket (see or previous postings on afpa
for details). On the map at,
the train station appears right-of-centre; the bus station at St.
Andrew's Square is above-left of that. Lauriston Place is at the
bottom; it shouldn't be more than 15 minutes' walk.

Any questions, don't hesitate to ask me; and I look forward to seeing
you there.
                                  Mchl Grnt[0]

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