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Dublin 7: Report

From: "Selina T. Lock" <>
Subject: [F] Dublin Meet Report.... a little late..
Date: Tue, 8 Sep 1998 16:33:09 +0100
Message-ID: <Pine.SOL.3.91.980908162418.16655F-100000@liba>

Dublin Meet 6? Aug 26th 

Okay this is what I remember & it's probably hazy because I've been to 
work since then :-)

Rob (the ergonomist) & I arrived a little later than planned at The 
Porterhouse due to unplanned things like asthma attacks & missing buses [1] 
to find present:-

Alibhe.....missing, presumed ringing Adrian :-)
and we were soon joined by Bryan & some chap who name I can't remember...

(apologies for any wrong spellings)

Drinks were bought, food was discussed & a very nice waitress went away 
to procure spicy chicken wings & potato things for us. I now realise I 
haven't the faintest idea what was discussed during the evening, ummmmm, 
Alibhes clothes (where they were bought & for how much), Bryans impending 
departure to forrin parts, the con.... who was going & what people would 
be wearing/doing for various things, eeerrrrrr, anything else folks?

Fines were charged for the usual things (and many bad puns meant many 
fines..... oh and ones for being very Irish!) & given to the waitress as a 
tip because she was extremely helpful.

I know beer was discussed as a sample[2] tray was ordered for Rob, who 
did manage to drink it all! I'm not sure I'd want to drink a beer 
involving oysters...... 

After much carousing in the pub & shouting over the top of the band 
playing we departed to, Donal & I taking a detour to buy Cherry icecream, 
Colms flat (& very posh it is too *grin*) whereupon strange music was played, 
strange dancing occurred, cherry icecream was consumed in odd positions, 
insults & food were thrown at the peasants from the balcony, much whiskey 
was sampled from Colm fine collection, & I seem to recall Alibhe was 
picked up alot.......

The walk back to Bryans is hazy though I think piggy backs were involved 
somewhere (though not involving me), whereupon arrival I was put to bed [3]

Okay, I know someone was doing a quotefile.... wasn't it on your 
psion Colm?? Errr, We think Donal was actually writing it though because 
at one point he complained that everything being said was very quoteable!

That's all folks......well apart from the photos when they're developed 

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