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Ipswich/Colchester/Butley: Report

From: Barry_R@compuserve.commie (Barry R)
Subject: [F] Ipswich Meet Report
Date: Tue, 1 Sep 1998 21:01:30 +0100
Message-ID: <>


Doc Vielgut, 
Jester (Andy Brown)
Darran + Nicky, 
Barry R
(and Warwick & Meg from the Australia meet, in spirit)

Gid, Suzi, and Barry R arrived around 8:40, and were pleasantly
greeted by the household, (Tap, Carol, Dale & Vicci)

The group adjourned to the Fat Cat at about. 9pm, and drinks were
consumed with Gusto. Jester arrived at about half past 9, (via the
house), shortly followed by Jules and conversation soon turned to 
such Geekhood subjects as lingerie, PHB's and the various comedy 
songs that Gid can perform.  Jules ordered her drink (a pint of 
Hoegaardens) which promptly arrived in what looked like a bucket.  
As the night wore on, with the consumption of more alcohol, subjects 
such as Masochism, kinky underwear, and womens nipples were 
broached.  (At one point the group were discussing how sensitive a 
womans nipples are, when one of the Barmaids walked past and gave 
the group a look that can only be described as "astounded", 
prompting a session of prolonged laughter, (Barry turned a very 
becoming shade of red through lack of air).
A meeting at the conservatory before/during/after Pterry's signing 
session was discussed, and some very twisted individuals came up 
with "The Plan". 

The group started their day at about 9:30, with tea and toast served 
to them by Dale and Vicci. (mmmm, very nice it was too). It was 
remarked upon that both Jester and Barry did mornings well, and the 
group laze^h^h^h^h relaxed until about 11:30 when a tour party 
(consisting of Tap, Gid, Suzi, Jules, Jester and YHN) left to visit 
the local brewery (Tolly Cobbold). Arriving at about 11:45 the group 
had a quick refreshing pint, and at about 12:05 the tour began. It 
started with a quick video with the technical details on how beer is 
made, followed by a internal tour of the brewery including a quick 
visit to the current brew house. Whilst on the tour, the Ultimate 
LART was discovered. A cooper's tool weighing in excess of 40lbs was 
shown to the group. It cannot be lifted easily by one hand, but 
would permanently readjust any lusers attitude.

Finishing the tour at about 13:50, the group visited the gift shop, 
buying various Items including chocolate (surprise!) and jam, then 
sat down and enjoyed a hearty meal at the adjoining pub.

After Lunch the group returned to the house, but found it empty, as 
the remainder of the family (as well as Doc, Alex, and Darran, who  
had arrived by this time), had decided to visit The Fat Cat. The 
newcomers were warmly welcomed by the tour group, drinks were 
ordered, Chocolate was produced (as was some food from the local Co-
op) and the group settled down to do what afpmeets do best; eat, 
drink, be merry, and geek. 

During the afternoon the group was joined by Miq, but temporarily 
lost a Darran (who had to meet his SO) and the group continued 
enjoying the atmosphere of the pub. The day wore on, and the 
temperature dropped, so the meet was transferred indoors. Lottie 
arrived shortly after, and was very quickly hugged by all. The 
evening wound on, and those in need of sustenance made their way to 
the local takeaway, purchased their food, and retired to the house. 
The rest of the group stayed in the pub (where Lottie became 
AFPengaged to both Doc and Barry R) until closing time, and then 
returned to the house whereupon they began to converse with those 
others upon #afp. During the course of the night Miq decided to 
depart, and eventually everyone made their way to bed, and soon all 
were fast asleep. 


Again the day started with Tea served by Dale & Vicci, and everyone 
sat around discussing various things until late in the morning when 
it was decided that it was time to visit Felixstowe. Unfortunately 
Lottie couldn't accompany us, and after we had warmly bade her 
farewell we got into various cars, and set off. Once we had arrived 
at Felixstowe the problem of finding a parking space was tackled. 
The Convoy split up and eventually each found a space. the occupants 
of two cars met up, and went in search of the remainder of the 
group. Making it's way to the main street, most of the group bought 
some fish'n'chips, and took up a strategic viewing position.

The members of the other group were located, and soon the local 
arcade was invaded. Many people had a go on the tuppenny falls, as 
well as the Daytona Racing game, the Air Hockey, (you're supposed to 
keep the puck on the table PThomas), and the Super Sprint 2 game 
(which was only 10p!). 

Next the group made it's way to the Crazy Golf, and split into 
groups consisting of;

Gid, Jester, Barry, Suzi,
Pthomas, Julia, Alex, Doc,
with Dale, and Vicci playing the course by themselves, and Tap and 
Carol deciding to be the spectators. 
(A quick report of the course and scorecards will be seperately 
posted so that those of you who have a momentary laspe of judgement 
can read it.) ;)

After the golf, the group made it's way to the seafront bat (with 
really huge tv) and some members of the group enjoyed a quick drink. 
The next step was to  visit the beach, and throw stones into the 
water. One member of the group decided that it would be fun to 
gently throw tiny pebbles at another member of the group, but 
unfortunately hit someone else, and then had to demonstrate his 
ability to escape a lynch mob. :)

A Punch and Judy stall was next on the list of things to do, so 
almost all of the group sat on the sea wall, and waited for the show 
to start. Unfortunately one of that group will have to enlighten the 
reader as to what happened, as YHN decided to miss it.

After the show it was decided to return to the house in order to get 
ready for the visit to the pub, and an evening of folk-singing. 
The group arrived at the pub at about 21:00ish, and commandeered two 
tables and lots of chairs. The music was varied, and excellent, and 
one of the highlights of the evening was when Gid gave a rendition 
of "The French Are Coming To Get Us".  After an evening of superb 
entertainment, the group made its way back to the house and, after 
consuming food lovingly prepared by Carol earlier, retired to the 
sleeping areas and again slept. 

Tea was again a major source of energy for those people awaked by 
Dale and Vicci, but as nothing was planned for the day it was served 
as and when people made their way downstairs. It was noted that the 
quotefile for the weekend was suprisingly small, and conversation 
turned to the oncoming (or should that be incoming) DWCon 98, and 
"The Plan". The morning wound on, Pthomas and Gid adjourned to the 
pub to bid a quick farewell to the pub, [2] and eventually it was 
decided that it was about time to start for home.

All goodbyes were made, hugs were given and received, and the DW 
Con, or possibly a beer festival in Bedford at the beginning of 
October was discussed as the most likely next meeting place. Final 
goodbyes were made and the group containing YHN departed.

Barry R. B.F. The Official Sad Bastard (and meet reporter)

AFPinsignificant other to Carol, AFPother half to Meg, the Magpie. 
AFPartner to Lottie AFPShrink to MEG, In Ailbhe's Queue,
A member of the Harem, (and now an official hug-slut)
Abducted by space aliens eh? Well, LET THE PROBING BEGIN!!!!! - Tick

[2] Pthomas even bought a round <gasp> :)

From: "Darran D. Rimron" <>
Subject: [F] AFPIpswich Quotes
Date: 2 Sep 1998 11:14:01 +0100
Message-ID: <6sj5p9$tm5$>

Quotes go:

"If we can do it without cheating can we get half the money?" [Dale]

"Gid's got a bigger one than that" [Suzi]

"What do you do  in the bedroom" [AlexTEH]

"It's not hard, all you have to do is open your mouth, *THEN* think" [Barry]

I'm sure there was more, but that's all my psion collected and it was an
all-day meet for most of us, and there was little foor, lotso f cask beers
and very little sober thought....


Darran D. Rimron 
Guinea Pig Conspiracy
Wibblers Unite
The LSpace Web  

From: Barry_R@compuserve.commie (Barry R)
Subject: [F] Ipswich Meet Golf Tournament
Date: Wed, 2 Sep 1998 14:13:36 +0100
Message-ID: <>

Hole 1 Puzzler
Hole 2 The Crab
Hole 3 Twister
Hole 4 Humpy
Hole 5 Rocky Tube
Hole 6 Evil Eye
Hole 7 Island Shoot
Hole 8 The Steps
Hole 9 Home & Away


		1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9    Total

Alex		9   3   4   4   4   4   5   3   3    38
Andy		3   6   2   3   4   3   2   3   3    29
Barry		3   3   2   2   3   4   5   6   3    31
Dale		6   3   3   2   6   6   6   2   5    39
Doc		3   5   2   2   2   4   3   3   2    26
Gid		3   4   3   6   3   8   4   3   3    37
Jules		3   2   2   3   5   17  4   4   4    44
PThomas	3   3   4   2   4   7   3   2   3    31
Suzi		5   2   4   4   7   5   5   2   4    38
Vicci		4   4   7   5   4   6   4   3   7    44

Barry R. B.F. The Official Sad Bastard

AFPinsignificant other to Carol, AFPother half to Meg, the Magpie. 
AFPartnered to Lottie, In Ailbhe's Queue, A Member of the Harem
AFPShrink to MEG, (but in need of help.)

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