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Milton Keynes 2.0: Report

From: (Suzi)
Subject: [F] Milton Keynes 2.0 meet report & quotefile
Date: Sat, 12 Sep 1998 14:16:21 +0100
Message-ID: <>

Attendees (in order of arrival):
Jacquie (Spirit/Ookey)
Thorsten (Doc/DrVielgut)
Chris (and Cadbury the Moose)
Maurice (MrO)
Jacquie's Mum
Jacquie's Dad
Julia Harris (Big Jules)
Russ Goff
Helen Highwater
Rob the Ergonomist
Paul (Warwick)

The report:
On the evening of Saturday 12th September some afpers met in the Plough 
public house in the little-known Stony Stratford (just outside Milton 
Keynes). On arrival your humble meet reporter (YHMR) discovered Jacquie 
and Doc already ensconced in a corner of a room (which had obviously 
been picked for it's ability to house many afpers). Arrivals with YHMR 
were Gid and  Chris (and Cadbury the Moose with his survival kit (which 
appeared to mostly consist of chocolate <g>)), Chris and Cadbury having 
been picked up from the train station by YHMR.

Next to arrive was Maurice, followed fairly soon by Julia and Russ. 
Jacquie's Mum and Dad then turned up and the circle size was increased 
so that no-one was excluded from conversations. Helen, Tim and Rob then 
turned up and the circle size was increased to include another table 
(pub takeover anyone? <g>). Half way through the meet we were surprised 
by the appearance of Paul and Jo.

Topics of conversation included the copious numbers of furry friends sat 
at the table in the corner. Leather Trousers. Inevitable conversations 
about the DWCon. The origins of the name of one of the beers 
(Bombadier). Paul and Jo's XXXXian holidays (with photos). Spam (not the 
tinned sort). Geeks. Redundant hardware. Needlework and Seamstresses. 
"Ice-magic" and other uses for it <g>. Meet photos from the Norfolk meet 
(from whence the quote "That's not a dressing gown - it's his school 
blazer he's trying to grow into" came - source not revealed to protect 
the innocent <g>). YHMR cannot remember much other conversation... and 
the conversations fragmented into smaller groups which I could not 
follow. So, we'll proceed onto the usual quote file...

(Suzi) You've got to stick you hand in it.
(Jules) Tina has been mounted by TOTA. (Chris) No - stuffed and mounted.
(Doc to Gid) Go on then - expand.
(Jules) Your bottoms not three bad either. (Gid) I'm saying nothing.
(Jules) I like a bit of fiddling you know.
(Jules) He'll wonder why I've got my nose 3" from his arse, but - oh 
(Jo) You want to see what Paul's got in his pockets!
(Russ) The wallaby will not be buggered.
(Russ) Just give it a good suck.
(Jacquie) I don't know - *he's* got his hand up it.
(Russ) Some people like them crushed.
(Jules) Did you go up him.
(Russ) You have to get it tight before you can break it.
(Helen) He's better than Emmet. 

Thanks to Jacquie for organising the meet... 

(afpetitesister to Ross, Peter, Lottie & Selina and afpcousin to Thomas)
 "You could turn it into Suzi, and it sounded as though you danced on 
tables for a living.." Soul Music
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