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From: "The Funky Love Aardvark" <>
Subject: [ANNOUNCE][F] Nottingham "Meat" - Wednesday 16th September
Date: Thu, 13 Aug 1998 21:11:36 +0100
Message-ID: <>


Hello there all.

It seems all I ever do is organise Not In Ham meats (ouch I hear you

Anyway, the combined forces of Penny, Spirit, Doc, Supermouse and
myself have created the 1st ever Nottingham Cook In Meet

A Cook In? What is that? I hear you ask... ok so I don't hear you ask,
but I shall tell you anyway.

A Cook in, is where you bring food/drink and cook it here. And Help!
with the washing up afterwards. (ok, so you won't be cooking the
drink, unless you bring mulled wine)

Hopefully this will be fun, educational, and great tasting :)

Venue: The Home Of The Funky Love Aardvark (Long story)
 AKA: My House, in Nottingham.

Date: 16th September

Time: 7.00 PM (aka 19:00)

Directions: If you are coming, email me, and I will have worked out
how you should get here by then :) (rail is excellent BTW [1])

CRASHSPACE: Yes, the dreaded caps, for this reason, the Venue of this
meet is now FULL of persons who are staying, But other Nottingham
Afp'ers have been warned.

It is up to the person coming to sort out where they are falling over.

Other than that... well thank you for reading this far

[1] This plug brought to you by My Employers

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