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From: "MEG" <>
Subject: Last Call for Bristol meet - Rocky Incoming !
Reply-To: "MEG" <>
Message-ID: <01bdea50$668de360$>
Date: Sun, 27 Sep 1998 19:54:01 GMT

Plans are for Friday night 2nd October.
My place - bring a sense of humour.

Anyone not been in touch who is still interested, please mail for
further encouragement.
Anyone who has been in touch and still needs directions /
encouragement / an excuse please prompt me.

Cheers, see you soon.

MEG (afpianced to MiQ) 55% Pure   τΏτ    ICQ
AFPCode 1.1: AMu/Co d s-:- a UP++ R++ F++ h- P-- OSD-:+ C? M- pp L?
c B++ Cn PT++ !Pu 5 X-- MT--- eV r++++ x? end. In therapy with Dr.
Barry R - my afpshrink.  "I wouldn't have missed it for the Disc."
(Naomi 1998)

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