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From: "MEG" <>
Subject: A rather late Bristol Meet report 02/10
Reply-To: "MEG" <>
Message-ID: <01bdf7b0$c1100800$>
Date: Wed, 14 Oct 1998 20:28:10 GMT

After a little encouragement from Suzi, I've decided it's about
time to let the cat out of the teapot and produce a meet report for
the Rocky meet of 2nd October.
(I'm only now recovering)

MEG (your humble host)
TOH (your humble host's SO)
Paul (bump1)
Rebecca (bump2)
Rocky Frisco (guest for the week)
Suzi (of Suzi fame)
Gid (of Suzi fame and a filkist of the largest order) <g>
ppint (guerrilla bookshop manager)
Graham Higgins (all the way from sunny Brummidgum)
James Higgins (all the way............

Us (well, we were 'ere all along wiff Rocky)
Graham & James only drove by twice before being spotted and were
accosted on the third pass.
after that ppint and Gid n Suzi arrived but I can't remember in
what order nor exactly how many times my directions were called
into question.

TOH had prepared lots of snacks & nibbles which were partaken of in
short shrift so more were prepared soon after.

Much debate on:- 

music & musicians (including a brief but embarrassing analysis of 
how much of our record collection consisted of JJCale pieces), 
authors in the Sci Fi genre, artistry both Kirbyish and Kidbyish
and Higginsish   :-), 
operating systems and isp's and how mine are totally crap, 
The OBEone and his works - a teensy weensy bit <g>
and probably a lot more I can't remember but was obviously
important at the time.

ppint persuaded Graham to sign a few Mort - Big Comics then
proceeded to flog them to the highest bidder, signed copies being
worth more,  dontchaknow     :-)))))))))))    One of the customers
was Mr Higgins himself (can't think how that happened <bg>)

We all listened to Rocky's album
We all watched Rocky's film (who's the skinny guy with the gun?)
We all marveled at Rocky's art work.
You see, It WAS advertised as a Rocky meet after all 

We took a few photos and sank a few beers (not always in that
order. We may have took a few beers and sunk a few photos)

After much too short an interval, Graham and James had to leave us
in order to ensure James was fit for Orchestra on Sat of the am.

The guitars came out (much to Mr Higgins' chagrin as he had been
hiding a coupla harps hoping to jam with the great one but was too
polite to suggest it. Maybe next time Graham ?) I suggested for the
second time that Gid should set to, putting DW words to Waltzing
Matilda but he chickened out again and I've had to do it mesself
(see Rincewind the Wizzard Filk if you haven't already deleted it).

Well, I don't know what order it happened but we sang, we talked,
Rocky crashed and we nibbled (please, no potty talk from your

At approx. 3 of the ayem we started constructing sleeping
arrangements. A bit late, I know, but fun. Gid n Suzi slept with
the pc ( I SAID no potty talk !)
SO prepared, and I began to inflate,  ppint's bed (..............!)
by mouth....    STOPPIT !

Sleeping happened.

ppint's bed went down (no, I'm tempted but it would be toooooo
Rocky, having a double room all to himself, slept like a Rock.
Gid n Suzi awoke late on Sat. (slightly later than everyone else)
At which ppoint we all b*ggered off down the local hostelry for
food and beverages and ..........chocolate goodies (amply provided
by ppint - Ta! ppint)

Unfortunately Gid n Suzi had to leave us soon after so we waved
goodbye wiff tears in our eyes <sniff>.

ppint stayed another evening after cadging a wee visit to the
Kidby's (me with my mouth open all evening)

We're only now getting over it all. A big thank you to all those
who came and made it a wonderful experience.

Notable events of the duration:-

1) People came
2) The inflating of the bed
3) The wailing (another word for singing)
4) PTOBEwan 'didn't' come
5) The chocolate and FTB experience [55]
6) TOUCHING the ORIGINAL Death Plays Soul Music  <bounce, bounce,
bounce, bounce.........          >
7) Trying to figure out that Rocky is me and I am Rocky ..... still
working on it....
8) Jurassic Park theme tune   ( thanks James  :-) )

[55] Mr. Fox is being very well looked after by Rebecca (aged four
and 345/365ths) with lots of hugs and keeping warm with FredBear.

Do I have to change my afpcode now ? I can't remember.

MEG  (afpianced to MiQ)   ICQ 14761763  55%
AFPCode 1.1: AMu/Co d s-:- a UP++ R++ F++ h- P-- OSD-:+ C? M- pp L?
c B++ Cn PT++ !Pu 5 X-- MT--- eV r++++ x? end In therapy with Dr.
Barry R.      
"I wouldn't have missed it for the Disc." (Naomi 1998)     τΏτ

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