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From: Naomi <>
Subject: [ANNOUNCE][F] Northern AFP Meet - 3rd October 1998
Date: Tue, 15 Sep 1998 19:44:42 +0100
Message-ID: <>


NORTHERN AFP MEET - 3 October 98

Location: Winterton near Scunthorpe (off the A1077)
          The Cross Keys, King St. (round corner from market place)
Time:     2 pm approx. (3/10/98)

Well it's finally going to happen barring nuclear war or Armageddon.
Winterton is going to play host to it's first afpissup.  The action
will be kicking off at 2 pm and the itinery (unless anyone has any
better ideas) is roughly as follows:

2 pm:      Meet up at Cross Keys (King St)
           Have a few drinks (after which Dooferlad and I won't be so    
           worried about people not turning up)
Few drinks 
later:      Hop, crawl, carry and be carried to the garden for the   
            chocolate compo. Loser eats all - so get cooking. (there's a 
            Co-op round the corner so you can cheat)
Even later: Drink copious amounts of alcohol, coke, and other mind
            altering drinks.
Tea time:   Bar meals all round after which more drinking. (The Butchers    
            Arms, High St)
Late:       Crash - Hotel, B & B (e-mail me for details).


I imagine that most of Sunday will be spent in recovery or casualty and
will involve lots of Klatchian coffee or chocolate coated beans at any
rate. If anyone has any ideas though we'd be grateful, the area isn't
best known for it's Sunday entertainment.


You can find a Ye Olde Mappe of Winterton on Dooferlad's web page at:

Winterton is easily accessible from Hull, Scunthorpe, Grimsby, Doncaster
by both train, bus, air and motorway. (A1077 from Hull and Scunny)

If you're travelling on Public Transport it's probably best to e-mail me
for info. (I have just about every rail and bus timetable there is for
the North of England) I also have details of local taxi companies.


Unfortunately my couch is taken and probably the floor too. But there
are a couple of B & B's in winterton and Barton. If anyone else can
offer or suggest a crash pad let me know. Again e-mail me for details.


There is of course a chance that no one will turn up and if this is the
case we'll still eat the chocolate and drink enough alcohol for everyone
so we probably won't notice. On the up side the write-up will be
interesting and the photos to blurred to be embarrassing.

So that's it let me know what you all think. If anyone has any
suggestions, queries or problems etc. just e-mail me.

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